Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

Elephant seals CA coast

Elephant seals!!!

We had so much driving up to see these seals. Madison wasn’t too impressed haha

Coffee and biscotti

Stay Fabulous friend!

Bulletproof coffee and biscotti. Our fav combo.

Madison. Toddler cute ponytail.


Her hair!!

Paleo cocoa plantain pancakes

Cocoa plantain pancakes for breakfast.

Tiigernut Smoothie

We ordered more Tigernut flour and got a sample of their smoothie mix. It was good.

Excited to try it again.

Getting fit at home with hiit bootcamp

Still feeling good! Loving all the workouts for HIIT to FIT bootcamp and hearing from all my clients doing it with me.

Green juice

Green juice. Perfect way to hydrate.

California Fog

Check out the fog!! You can’t even see the mountains.

Turkey plantain waffle sandwich

All you need in life plantain waffle turkey sandwich haha

Paleo gluten free snickerdoodle cake

I take that back all you need is snicker doodle cake. 


Madison loves playing in the kitchen with us. She likes to make “cake”

Auntie and niece walking

Auntie and niece


Playing at beach in the sand

Playtime in the sand!!


Soccca. Yep no plantain was harmed ; )

So excited to be featured:


Having our single serving baked thin mint cake featured on athletic avocado recipe round-up.


And one BIG sparks for us was being featured in Self for 10 Inspiring Healthy-living Bloggers to follow.

We are so deeply honored and grateful to be listed with so many fellow mentors and friends we admire and love. Thank you so much Self for featuring us!!!



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Sparks

  1. What a crazy AWESOME honor from SELF magazine!! I will celebrate for you two by eating your Snickerdoodle cake! LOL!

    Posted on July 19, 2016 at 9:16 am
    1. Thank you Gigi! yay for cake 😉

      Posted on July 19, 2016 at 4:14 pm