Sorry to be getting this up a bit late (this was suppose to be up this past Tuesday), but we hope you enjoy our day in the life video.

I (Lori) am 29 weeks pregnant during this video but currently as we get this posted I am now 30 weeks pregnant.

This is how life is lately while being pregnant with baby #2, having a toddler running around, taking care of myself and growing my business. I love every crazy moment. Each day is different. Each day I have new challenges. Each day I am more and more grateful for everything I have and working towards.

Day in the life at 29 weeks pregnant

Share the video with your pregnant friends so we can all share in the journey of motherhood together.

Michelle and I love being able to set our own schedule.

We love our job as fitness and lifestyle coaches.

We love seeing our clients grow and make positive changes in their own lives.

We love being able to connect with people, like you, from all over.

To inspire them. To empower them. To help them see how worthy and beautiful they are now so they gain the confidence to go after their dreams.

Come spend the day with me. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy and I work from home with my twin sister.

We both just want to say thank you for your support. We are so grateful for you being here and coming along our life journey.

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Recipes in video:

Flourless plantain brownies


Kale chips



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