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How to transform your body and life by re-doing fitness and building a fit success mindset. Discover 7 things that we're holding us back from seeing positive lasting change in our bodies.



For many years we did not love ourselves. We hated looking in the mirror.

We learned the true meaning of self-love during our struggles with acne, digestive issues, eczema (Michelle) and PCOS and diastasis (Lori). We were addicted to dieting, being perfectly healthy and overexercising. Whatever the latest trend was in health and fitness we did it.  Our good and bad food lists changed frequently that sometimes it was hard for us to even keep up. Our skin, hormones and digestion just went crazy because of the way we were treating our bodies. We were never happy with our bodies until recently. Even back when we both were on the leaner side we never felt good enough.

Sure our abs showed, but we had horrible skin, poor sleep, a bad relationship with food and were miserable on the inside. We didn’t feel pretty. We didn’t feel good enough.  Lori remembers despite being at her leanest she was still covered in acne and depressed all the time, despite thinking since she had the body she wanted she would be happy.

We both were at war with our bodies and minds.

It was during our darkest moments that we had our breakthroughs.

We first started with changing how we worked out then learned our balanced diet and then eventually went on our self-love spiritual journey.

We have learned a lot over the years about how to really change your body and mind. Fitness is a huge part of our lives but we enjoy it and no longer use it as a form of punishment.

We now have a balanced lifestyle that works for us and now get to use what we have learned to help other women achieve happiness with their bodies.

If you are a highly motivated mom or woman, inspiring entrepreneur, or someone who is ready to change your life and get out of your comfort zone this training is for you. If you have been struggling with finding a good relationship with fitness, food and your body, struggling with missing periods, acne, digestive issues this training is for you.

We want to help you gain your confidence back, create a fit and successful mindset, spend more time doing the things you love.

With summer approaching there is no better time to put your health, confidence and happiness first.


Lori and Michelle

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One thought on “How to transform your body

  1. What a great piece! And well written! I have tried to be at war with my self as well and it does not make you happy! It is not the way forward. A balanced life style is! Thanks for sharing:-)

    Posted on July 5, 2016 at 8:52 am