Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:Flying to a business trip in Austin TX

We had a business trip in Austin, TX these past few days. *This was our first time to Austin and we hope to go back one day for longer.

It was an adventure getting out there.


When we got to LAX our flight was delayed 2 hours!!

Then as we waited our flight continued to change times.

Thank goodness we found some good food, including kombucha at the LAX airport.

Plantain bread with peanut butter.

We didn’t get onto our plane until a little past midnight.

Then as we were heading out to take off  the plane stops and the captain gets on and says there is an mechanical error that we have to pull over.

So this took over an hour for the mechanics to give us the go ahead.

Thank goodness for plantain bread and Justin’s peanut butter.


We landed in Austin around 3:30 am and to only walk out to a 200+ deep line for taxi.

We eventually got to hotel around 5 am. Once we got to our room we debated do we sleep or stay up.

We voted sleep even though it was only 2 hours as our mastermind session started that morning.


It was so worth it!

It was worth not sleeping, all the money for getting out here, staying at the hotel and the coaching program.

Our brains were on overdrive the whole time. We love finding new ways to make our business better and best serve our clients and find new ones.

Jill fit mastermind

This was way out of our comfort zone, but we are glad we did it.

We meet some amazing women also in the fitness industry. Loved being able to talk business as sometimes being entrepreneur, especially when you do things online, it can seem lonely.

Jill is an amazing coach and we are grateful for and all her support.


That afternoon it was off to work out at Onnit.


I will admit I was a bit terrified as I don’t do workouts quite like this.

But John was great. Learned so much from him.

Workout at Onnit Gym

Nice and sweaty.


Onnit treated us all to a post workout shake called the Velvet Rocket. It is made up of: coffee, almond milk, walnut almond cashew butter, banana, matcha tea powder, vanilla and chocolate hemp protein.

Which Lori and I love this hemp protein powder.


Enjoyed an Irish coffee of course.

Not as good as my version of Irish coffee.


Another highlight of our trip was meeting a purely fit sister – STACIE!!

And her business partner Jessica.


And we had to have chocolate 😉

We made our flourless brownies as minis. Perfect for traveling.

We are back in CA now, got in around midnight.

Time to enjoy our holiday weekend.

Happy early Memorial Day!!

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:


We love our #PTgirls!!

Seriously, we are so grateful for your love and support. Thank you. xoxo

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  • Travel eats to Austin and what we ate there
  • How to end comparing
  • Daily check ins
  • June workout schedule all about arms and core



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2 thoughts on “Weekly sparks

  1. Looks like you ladies had such a good week! 🙂 It was such a pleasure to finally be able to meet you in person and connect over coffee. So so grateful to have you two in my life! xo

    Posted on May 29, 2016 at 4:54 pm
    1. Yes so good to meet you and Jessica, wish we could of chatted longer. xoxo

      Posted on May 29, 2016 at 5:16 pm