As entrepreneurs, online coaches, bloggers, youtubers, mom, friends, sisters, social media managers, video/picture editors, writers, recipe developers…there is a lot for us to balance.

We know you understand.

Can there really be a work life balance? Or any type of balance?

One thing to ask is – What does life balance really mean? What would a balanced life look like to you? And most importantly, how do we go about reaching it in the midst of our crazy schedules and growing to-do lists?

How to find balance in your life

There are plenty of books and articles about finding balance. A quick Google search of “How to find balance in your life” gives you thousands of results.

If we have all these articles helping us with creating balance then why are we having so much trouble finding it? Or having it?

We personally believe we all have our own balance and it changes all the time.

The goal is about living…this brings balance.

Maybe let’s all try to stop “trying” to find balance and just be. Maybe we will find BALANCE then.

Can you really have a work life balance? We share how to find your balance in life by sharing some tips that helped us.


Finding balance is a ongoing process.

There is no final goal of which you will have a peaceful, calm and meaningful life. Balance is a way of living.

Being balanced does not mean being relaxed and content all of the time.  Chaos is part of life. It’s how you view it all.

Balance often occurs just for a few moments, but the cool thing is it can reappear over and over again.

It’s something we practice.

No more trying to stay balanced, but practice balance over and over.  Just like with other things it takes mindfulness and practice.

Prioritize things in your life right now knowing it could change.

We all have different schedules and responsibilities, so your balance will look different to our balance.

The same is true for any other goal, whether it’s to lose weight, change careers…really, anything you want to do.

You might be wondering what about balance with food. We approach it the same. It’s whatever you make of it. Focus on what makes you feel your best and love yourself.

Remember that both success and failures are part of balance.

Be compassionate to yourself.

Stop comparing.

Are you ready to be balanced? Ready to stop trying to achieve it and realize it’s something you will always do?

Lori and Michelle

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  1. Well said ☺️

    Posted on May 21, 2016 at 10:28 am
    1. Thanks! Glad you agree

      Posted on May 22, 2016 at 2:22 pm