Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

Dog sleeping on couch as toddler in dog bed.

Something wrong here?!? haha

These two…Madison loves Jax’s bed as Jax prefers the couch.

Aunt and niece sitting

Heart to heart with auntie. Love these moments.

Mom of two

Blessed and grateful for my two girls.

Flourless paleo vegan brownies

Flourless brownies for the win.

When in doubt make… fudgy brownies.

Face time. Cousins.

Face time with the cousin! Joy is showing Madison her mermaid tail as she swims in the pool.

Protein thin mints that are gluten free vegan and paleo. No sugar.

Protein thin mints. Perfect road trip food.

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

Meeting Olaf statue at toy store.

Meeting Olaf statue at toy store.

Shopping at the toy stores at Disney to help pass time and get a break from the heat at Disney.

Madison enjoyed playing in this mini car while waiting for breakfast to be ready at Disney.

Sisters and niece at disneyland.

Had a wonderful time spending the weekend with our older sister and seeing Madison have so much fun at Disneyland for the first time. Hopefully we can make more trips is Disneyland.

Belly breathing during pregnancy.

Doing my belly breathing and some core work to keep my pregnant belly strong.

Aunt and niece laughing.

These two being silly.

Working out at home. Online fitness trainer.

Sticking to my workout schedule that is inside PFL. My PFL sisters are keeping me accountable. And Lori’s Retrain Your Core moms are holding her accountable during her pregnancy. We LOVE our job. Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by uplight, positive and inspiring ladies every day.

We are working on a new training series as doors to join our online sisterhood opens in June!!!

We can’t wait.  Get on the wait list.

Healthy cinnamon sugar waffles

Getting back into the kitchen felt amazing. We made a new recipe that will be coming to blog this week – single serving cinnamon sugar waffle sticks.


SOCCA!! Oh yes we did.

We both felt like it plus Lori wanted to see how Madison would do with it. Madison wasn’t really into it…oh poor she doesn’t know what she is missing. Lori is not giving up on it yet.

kettlebell swings

Filmed a new nice and easy low impact workout for PFL sisters.

Mom trying to work out with her toddler running around

Madison trying to work out with her mom. Lori’s been filming new pregnancy workouts for her pregnancy fitness program!!

She has been sharing them over on instagram too.

Seeing whales off the California coast. Pismo Beach.

Yesterday morning we filmed new workouts outside and saw WHALES!!! Pretty freaking cool. So grateful to experience that moment.

Now onto more highlights is seeing you in action!

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:

Love our blog readers

We love our #PTgirls!!

Seriously, we are so grateful for your love and support. Thank you. xoxo

cuteline3-01 New blog post in the purely fit life club members area: *is closed until June get on the waitlist

  • May schedule
  • What we ate May 11th video
  • Weekly mantra
  • New low impact workout video



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