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Today we wanted to share some products we are currently loving. Most of them are beauty related. We’ve been enjoying these products lately and loving them so we had to tell you about them.

Before we get to the products one other thing we are currently loving is snapchat!! Are you on it? To be honest we haven’t done many day in the life videos here because of it. We love how we can snap a video of us in the moment and no editing needs to be done. Quick and easy. If you are on it our username is loriandmichelle. Come say hi!

Beauty, skin and hair products we are loving

We are girls who like to keep things simple and love when we find good products that make our lives a bit easier.

We love to shop (mostly online) and try new things.

If we like something we share it, which is what we are doing today just in case you are in the market for something like it.

Sharing beauty, hair and health products we are currently loving. What things are you currently loving?

Products in video:

1 – Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation + brush. We have it in the fair color.

2 – LaVigne Lip Therapy. Michelle used a cream from them to help her eczema and liked it so when we saw they had a lip option we knew we had to try it.

3 – blendercleanser® solid makeup cleaner. Thanks to Angela for sharing about this. She is one of our favorite beauty and fashion youtubers!

4 – Sea Salt Spray from the Tone It Up girls. K&K we love this product! Our mom loves it too.

5 – Midwife and Mum Belly Balm . Lori is using it during her pregnancy.

6 – Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Cream. Thanks to Carly Rowena  for this recommendation.

7 – Doterra Essential Oils – Cheer and Passion, If you are interested in hearing more about them email us purelytwins at gmail dot com

8 – Contigo water bottles with straws. We picked these up at Target.

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Any new things you are currently loving? Who is your favorite beauty fashion youtuber?



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