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In our last Pinterest update we mentioned a Pinterest course we took called Perfect Pinning (aff link).

We wanted to give another update now that we are a little over the 2 month mark. We wanted to share our results.

For those that are new to our  Pluggedin  online business series – HI! This series is a different side of Purely Twins! We share more with you on why we do things and how we do things for our business and blog so you can apply to your business or blog. We believe in helping and supporting one another to help the other one succeed! Women empowering women. 

How we are growing our pinterest following each month. We've gained over 1000 in 2 months and you can do it too.

Update on our Pinterest after 2 months of changes:

  1. Almost every board is updated – new board names, board covers and new descriptions. See our 16 tips here for growing pinterest.
  2. We are still working on fixing up old blog posts to make more pinnable images.
  3. Been pinning around 10-12 pins a day, sometimes more around 15+ using Ahalogy. We are getting ready to test out ViralTag. We will report back.
  4. Added a pinterest widget in the sidebar for people to follow us when they land here on the blog.

So with these changes and pinning consistently for 2 months where does our growth stand?

We’ve gained 1,207 followers in over 2 months, which we think is pretty awesome. We are so grateful for our new followers and cannot wait to connect with them.

Our pageviews have stayed about the same. Like we mentioned last time we are bit bummed. We know it’s not all about the numbers as we have gained new followers and our stuff gets pinned. We know changed and growth take time. We are going to keep going because we believe our content is valuable and more people need to see it 🙂 We want to get our message out there and pinterest helps us reach more people. Pinterest is the 2nd highest traffic source to our blog after google and we know pinterest is a great place to get traffic to your site. This is why we are giving it more attention compared to other social media outlets. We know we could be doing more – like pinning 50 pins a day, but we have other businesses that take our time. We are happy with our growth and know the pageview will come. So if you are struggling with getting pageviews to your site don’t give up. Keep sharing amazing content and pinning and your growth will come!

Let us know so we can inspire and help each other learn and grow.

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