{vlog} nursery tour + what it is like being twins while one has a changing body

Video nursery tour and what it is like being twins while one is pregnant.
lori in nursery

In today’s vlog – nursery tour, peaches everywhere, essential oil package, and answering a readers question:

What it is like being twins while one has a changing body? How does it feel to be twins with only one being pregnant?

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Great questions. We have discussed a little about pregnancy and being twins in this video. But today we go a bit deeper.


Thanks for listening to our rambles ;) We are off to eat some peaches. Thanks dad, we love you!

Do you like peaches? What is your favorite fruit?

Do you like shopping for baby clothes? Why are baby things so cute? haha

We got a few questions inside the facebook group about the cod liver oil we get. We ordered it off Green pastures. Below is the picture of it. ¬†We will do a whole post on it soon. Breakfast mush. Featuring a new protein we are liking. It is pea protein from Garden of Life. So…

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