Locked and loaded purely training #72 workout

16 minute cardio strength home workout.

Hey Purely Fit Friends!

How was your weekend? As you saw yesterday we’ve been having a blast these past few days with our mom! Think we have hit every store possible here in Charlotte, haha.  What is it about shopping that is so addicting? It’s been a nice change of pace for us these past few days. Everyone is getting more and more eager for baby M to come! Lori will be sharing her update tomorrow including pictures of her housework.

Today is our last day with mom before she heads back to FL tonight. And we will also be getting some more visitors as our dad and some of his friends have a very very long layover here in Charlotte, so they are coming to see the house. Oh and eat some dinner ;)

Let’s get to today’s workout as it is one that we really enjoyed and hope you will too.

A fast moving full body workout that will build strength and burn calories.

Purely training #72 workout is the perfect mix of cardio and strength for a complete fun workout.

Equipment:  free weights (dumbbells)

Style of workout:  cardio strength interval workout

Workout focus: Full body

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 24 rounds of 10 sec rest and 40 sec work.

Planks, side lunges, and burpees are great exercises for a complete full body home workout.

Purely fit sisters  get ready to feel the burn with us.

Get ready to be locked and loaded!

pregnancy full body homeworkout

And this workout is pregnancy safe. Lori is in her 3rd trimester (she did this workout at 30 weeks). Follow along with the modifications mentioned in the video and as always listen to your body!

If you are new to working out please take this workout slow and omit moves that feel uncomfortable. 

Here is your locked and loaded full body workout breakdown.

Don’t forget to PIN this workout to try this week and come back to let us know how you liked it! Use hashtags #purelytwins #purelyfitlife so we can see you sweating it out :)

lockedandloaded purelytraining72workout

lockedandloaded purelytraining72workout (click to download your free printable)

We suggest for different fitness levels:

B-fits (beginner peeps) – Follow modifications from video. Take breaks when needed. Step instead of jump in the jump squats. Use a light weight.

A-fits (advanced peeps) –  No breaks. Push yourself each interval. Use a moderate to heavy weight. Go deep in the squats.

FIT moms (pregnancy recommendations) – Do the modifications mentioned in the video. Follow along with Lori! Omit jumping if it is to much. It’s okay to do a combo of stepping and jumping as Lori did in the video. Reduce the rounds to 12 if 24 rounds is to much. Use light weight.

Post partum (and pregnancy too)  – do side planks and row for exercise 1.  Do burpee on chair or equalizer as Lori does here. 

Get yourself warmed up and then come work out with us.

plank rows are great for working your core as well as building a sexy back.

*disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying anything new with your workout routine.

And if you enjoyed this workout and want to do it with us in real time – click here to join our purely fit sistersCome join our purely fit life movement.  Promise to challenge and encourage you to reach your very best level in ALL parts of life!

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Do you prefer flying or driving?

Is everyone getting ready for back-to-school?

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purelytwins workout outfits

Wearing: Crops and tanks  from Raw Threads.  Pink sports bra from Handful bras. Shoes are Nike Frees.

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  1. Kat says

    Looks like a killer once again!! I need all the help with my back strength and plank rows are one of my fav moves. And your arms are lookin boss ladies!


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