weekly sparks


Highlights from our week:

embracing my pregnancy body purelytwins

Embracing my changing pregnant body. I am still overall feeling good and excited for her to be here so I can hold her.

cute jax

Jax snuggling on rocker in nursery.

vizsla sleeping on nap blanket

Close-up. Couldn’t help but snap a picture. Love love love!

baby nursery

Seeing the dresser with the crib in the nursery definitely makes it feel more like reality!

purelyfitlife purelytwins homeworkouts

Being able to workout everyday and share it with our purely sisters and you!

hemp force chocolate protein

Tried out Onnit’s chocolate hemp protein –> omg so good! It was like brownies in a cup.


Jaxy sleepy as we work.

lori belly

26 weeks!! Love my baby bump.

andes dessert

Enjoyed a new dessert –> recipe coming soon. We can’t wait to share it with you!!


We have been squeezing in quick morning workouts.

joy swimming

Swinging and swim lessons with the niece.

joy's party

Our sister Carrie put on an amazing birthday party for her. It was themed goldfish! All the decorations were so cute.  And of course plenty of yummy food to snack on :)

happy birthday joy

The birthday girl!!!  We were both so happy to be able to attend our niece’s birthday as this is the first one we were able to make it for.

green juice

Green juice! Perfect afternoon pick-me-up. We’ve both been craving juices the past few days. Not sure why but they are hitting the spot!

making mess in kitchen

Then it was time to do what we do best –> making a mess in the kitchen ;)

michelle eating

Sampling some of the goodies too!

pb chocolate bars  After sampling a few more goodies,  we got things ready for Lori’s baby shower.

We will share a recap of Lori’s baby shower later!

 Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:


plantain bread twitter love

kale hemp flatbread

Yay for No flour cookbook love!

Comment love:

fiber shout

Thank you Lisa for your sweet comment and support!

16 min plank core workout luv

Maris so happy you enjoyed the 16 min plank workout.

From around the internet:

SORRY we have not been on the computer this week as we have: been traveling, spending time with the family, and getting the baby shower all ready. Sorry for the lack of comments and tweets too. Things have been a little busy around here.


New blog post in the purely fit life club area: come and join the purely fit Life Movement.

New weekly workout schedule

New pregnancy workout schedule

Two new workouts

Both twins daily eats June 24


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Deliciously chocolately homemade chocolate TEDDY GRAHAMS! We are so excited to share this recipe for homemade chocolate teddy grahams that we have been working on for you. After making our original homemade teddy grahams we knew we had to create a chocolate version. Since we are chocolate lovers. Rich dark chocolate even better. And that…

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  1. kitkat says

    No need to apoligize for lack of computer use! Get out there and enjoy life!! The nieces birthday party looks like it was a huge success, such fancy decorations! Your sister has a way with floral arrangements.

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