HIIT fusion purely training bodyweight workout #65

A bodyweight HIIT cardio workout. Safe for ladies that are pregnant.

bodyweight workout hiit cardio fusion purelytwins

Good morning purely fit friends! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. I (Lori) am back in town while Michelle is still down in Florida doing some extra work for our older sister. She will be back tomorrow!

Boy did I have an interesting flight home from Orlando yesterday. The flight was delayed 20 minutes – no big deal. Once in the air the flight was fine. It all started when I arrived in Charlotte’s airport. It was crazy packed. I continued to make my way to the baggage claim area and when I arrived it was slammed packed with people. I felt like I was in NYC or something. I’ve never seen it like this before – so many people in one little area. It was nuts! I was starting to get nervous about how I was going to find my bag in the sea of chaos. There was 6-7 other flights all on one carousel. Crazy!

I stood there for about 30+ minutes before they announced they changed our baggage claim carousel to another number. Thank goodness.  Finally saw my bag which was on the heavy side. I managed to pick it off and make my way to the buses to take me to my car. Again more chaos. The bus was jammed packed with people and bags everywhere. It was a struggle to get bag on and off the bus, not gonna lie. But I finally did it and found the car. I was so happy to see the car and know that I was finally home. And then all of a sudden tears came down my face. Not really sure why I just started crying. I guess I was just filled with so many different emotions. I think it was from being with family, then leaving family, then having stress with getting bag and everything.  Long story short I made it home. Thank goodness for Whole Foods hot bar and gelato to make my evening better ;) And of course spending time with Jax and Gary.

Okay back to the workout.

We filmed this purely training workout before heading out of town for a our family vacation down at the magical world of Disney. We knew we were going to be taking most days off from working out to enjoy our time with family, so we had to push ourselves hard before leaving. And this workout accomplished that!

And what better way to get a killer working in than with HIIT. We love HIIT workouts. We love bodyweight workouts.

Full body HIIT fusion time challenge workout that requires no equipment.

Workout is made up of 3 exercises.

Goal is to complete 8 rounds as fast as you can.

Equipment: none

Style of workout: HIIT cardio

Workout focus: Full body

This was another workout that pushed us out of our comfort zone of 20 minutes or less. We finished a little over 21 minutes.

Can you beat our time?

We both loved how much this workout kicked our butts!

pregnancy safe hiit cardio fusion bodyweight workout purelytwins

And this workout is pregnancy safe. Lori is in her 2nd trimester. Following along with the modifications in the video and listen to your body!

Here is the workout breakdown.

Don’t forget to PIN this workout to try this week and come back to let us know how you liked it!

HIIT fusion time challenge bodyweight purely training 65 workout

HIIT fusion time challenge bodyweight purely training 65 workout  (click to download your printable)

We suggest for different fitness levels:

B-fits (beginner peeps) – Take breaks when needed. Omit the jumping as we show in the video. Do 4 rounds. And over time work up to 8 rounds.

A-fits (advanced peeps) – Limit your breaks. If feeling good you can try to do 10 rounds.

FIT moms (pregnancy recommendations) – Do the modifications mentioned in the video.  Follow along with Lori. Do 4 – 6 rounds depending on how you are feeling.  Omit the jumping when it becomes too much.

Go warm-up and then come workout with us in this HIIT fusion bodyweight workout.

*disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying anything new with your workout routine.

And if you enjoyed this HIIT fusion workout and want to do it with us in real time – click here to join our purely fit familyCome join our purely fit life movement.  Promise to challenge and encourage you to reach your very best level in all parts of life!

What is your favorite body part to work?

Do you like full body workouts?

What type of workout would you like us to do next?


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  1. says

    I think I can already tell this workout will be a killer! Aw sorry to hear about your journey – I hope people offered to help with your bags – I hate to see a pregnant lady struggle and no one tries to help or offer a seat (happens in London far too much!) x
    Cat recently posted..10 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt from JapanMy Profile

  2. Mary says

    Oh my goodness!!!! I knew this was going to be challenging, but wow! I’m drenched in sweat. And my legs were shaking on the last two rounds! I love your website and you two have changed my life when it comes to workouts. I used to be a kick boxer and was brainwashed into thinking that an adequate workout meant hours and hours in the gym and lots of cardio. After bring diagnosed with PCOS I realized I needed to walk away from the sport I loved and become truly healthy. Yes I was strong, and fast and “fit” before but I wasn’t healthy and constantly trying to make weight for fights wreaked havoc on my hormones. I have two beautiful children and would love more and your story about pregnancy with PCOS gives me such hope. I believe I’m on the road to a truly healthy life and I just love you girls and all you do! Thanks for sharing everything with your readers! God bless you both and the new little baby that’s about to join your family!

  3. says

    Looks like challenging, with all those movements which surely will make someone drenched with sweat. I love this workout Lori and Michelle! Knowing that this is also safe for pregnant women out there. I surely will recommend this to my friends. And I admire you Lori, you still find time to keep yourself healthy and fit with these workouts! :)

    Jean Walter


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