May Favorites (vlog)

purely twins may favorites

In today’s vlog we share our May Favorites!!

Enjoy the video! And we have a surprise visitor.

Items mentioned in the video:

products we are loving this may purelytwins

Vitamix personal blender – use this blender everyday! We make our bulletproof coffee along with delicious puddings and smoothies.  Love the size and ease of cleaning.
Target maternity dress – Lori loves the color and the way it fits.
The Walking Dead TV show – Michelle’s favorite show and now Lori and Gary loving it too. Not sure what it is about this show, but we are hooked.
Jane Iredale makeup and brush – love the coverage of the powder and the feel of the brush. It is great for days when we want some coverage but not a lot of makeup.
Sandalwood  essential oil – Michelle is loving for acne scars on her face. Lori plans to try next.
Homemade baby shower cards – Lori discusses her baby shower. Michelle designed them and we printed them ourselves. A little fun DIY project. Some invitations I emailed too.
Carousel by Miner – Michelle’s current favorite song! Go listen to this song and we bet you will be dancing ;)

What did you enjoy this May?

What  are some of your favorites?  Do share as we love to see what you are loving.

Leave a  comment below letting us know.


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  1. Sylwia says

    OMG what a brilliant idea!!! Thank you for sharing your May favorites. Mine so far is going back home to Poland, to visit family and friends. While visiting the best part always are my mom’s home cooked meals. Simple yet very delicious. All ‘diets’ and food restrictions are literally out the window. I’m fully enjoying all the meals. The flavors are so different here and when mom prepares the food. It is soo worth it, every bite, every calorie :)
    It would be very dangerous if I was here for longer than 3 weeks ;)

  2. kitkat says

    I looove sandalwood oil, so earthy! I actually used to love the walking dead show (obsessed and staying up uptil 1am like Michelle) but stopped watching after the first season bc I feel its complete right there. I think I watched half of the second season maybe… My new obsession is Orphan Black on BBC, so good and thrilling you would probably like it.

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