Vlog: new breakfast, essential oils and cleaning oven

documenting healing journey in journal

Hello friends! Happy Friday!!

We are sharing today some new things that we are loving.

raw plantain avocado pudding resistant starch for breakfast

A new breakfast we have been enjoying. A new kind of avocado pudding.

DIY clean oven naturally with baking soda  purelytwins

We cleaned  Lori’s oven with just baking soda!

We have pinned a few DIY household things and this is one we couldn’t wait to test out. We were very skeptical…but it worked!!

doterra diffuser in office

Michelle shares her journey with DoTerrra Oils.

We are loving essential oils.

We have mentioned using them a few times in our videos and weekly sparks. We are excited to share more of how we use oils in our everyday life. Using oils has been something that we were both intrigued by but also something we were not sure about at the same time. We are thrilled we finally made the leap into that world. Our whole family is on board with using essential oils throughout the day and we all have seen improvements!

If you are interested in essential oils, check out my story into them and more about how you can SAVE money and earn some money with them!

 Do you use essential oils? Have you cleaned your oven with just baking soda? What are your thoughts on natural DIY household items?




  1. Georgia says

    I have a biigggggg box of baking soda I use for everything. It makes the best deoderant mixed with coconut oil, it really works!! And super cheap

  2. Georgia says

    Oh I used to wake up with my neck all crazy and I realized it was my pillow! The more your back muscles build the less you need a pillow bc it actually puts your spine out of alignment at night. I started with a flatter one and now I don’t sleep with one at all.

  3. Brooke says

    I love all of this! I pretty much never buy household cleaning items from the store anymore. All I buy is baking soda, washing soda, and vinegar. I use essential oils to give my cleaners antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. My favorite shower cleaner (which can also double as a carpet deodorizer!) is a mix of 1 c baking soda to 1/4 c powdered rose petals and 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. Smells soooo good! I’m also into making lotions and oils as well.

    It’s so empowering to make your own stuff and it’s also creative in the way that you can customize the scent or healing properties based on the oils you put in. I love Nadine Artemis from Living Libations. Her essential oils and products are exquisite and she is very knowledgeable on EOs. The one thing that she said that really stuck with me for not only EOs but also herbs is that you need to use them as much as possible and preferably every single day for them to be a part of your life. Often, though not always, it is not enough to just use essential oils for one purpose like cleaning or meditating or whatever. You need to use them as much as possible to integrate them into your life. I’ve been trying to do that and I have seen a huge improvement in using my oils effectively. If I have a problem or an errand or something, the first thing I think of is oils and herbs. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t use them so often.

    Thanks again for another awesome post! Love this blog! PS – myrrh essential oil was used by midwives in traditional times to help stretch the cervix in preparation for baby. I’m sure they used oils in lots of other ways too for pregnant women (although not oils can be used so anyone reading this comment needs to do their own research).

  4. says

    Sorry to hear about the eczema flare up and cleanse :( I know how frustrating it can be when trying something new and things don’t work as you thought…

    One thing I’ve noticed from times where I think I’m ‘doing everything right’ is that my problems (mostly acne, some digestive issues) do get worse for a little while, before they get better.

    The way I see it is our bodies are kind of detoxing… and then things balance out. Hope that gives you hope (lol) at least!

    Looking forward to learning more about that new breakfast too ;)

  5. ucsdgirl says

    So sorry to hear about the eczema. :( To be perfectly frank, whenever a doctor (MD, naturopath, whatever) wants to sell me products, I run far far away. It’s their way of making money, kickbacks from the companies that make the stuff, etc. A couple of ideas/questions. Have you ever consulted a gastroenterologist about all the inflammation? Like gotten a colonoscopy and endoscopy to determine whether or not that’s actually what’s going on? After so much effort, I have to wonder if it’s actually something else causing the horrible itchy skin problems. :( I know it can be hard to step away from a hypothesis, but maybe your gut isn’t inflamed and there’s something else out there that might help. Just an idea!

    • says

      great idea, I have thought about about colonoscopy a few years ago but never did it, because I am scared I guess. I will look into it more, thanks!

      • ucsdgirl says

        As a sort-of-expert on gut health, I can promise you that colonoscopies really aren’t that scary! I’ve had 2, and while the prep isn’t fun it’s really not that bad at all. Don’t be scared! Another thing to think about is taking the magnesium for constipation. Those magnesium products in the end are laxatives and can certainly be irritating, (even though they help get tings moving!) and it doesn’t seem worth the risk to me to be dependent on any sort of laxative. A true elimination diet like you’re doing now (rice and meat and then adding in one food group in a large quantity at a time and then going back to rice and meat and adding in another, etc) sounds like a good approach. It’s just so hard to say because inflammatory processes aren’t necessarily from food. Sadly, all the blood tests out there for food allergies, candida, etc, are highly innaccurate. I recentlyl learned that one of the most sensitive food allergy tests are for peanuts, and even a very high score for a positive peanut allergy only corresponds to someone being actually allergic to peanuts 90% of the time. A low level positive test for a food allergy is actually kind of meaningless. So I do agree that experimentation is the only way to determine if a problem is occurring because of food. But after a certain point it might be time to think about other causes.

        Have you ever tried phototherapy for you legs?

        • Amy says

          I agree with the above commenter. It seems like all of your years of attempts to fix your gut issues haven’t resulted in any big changes. Is gut-inflammation a self-diagnosis? With a history of laxative use, it might be beneficial to have a GI scope. It is also possible that all of your digestive strategies are overkill and causing even more GI problems. If you are eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids, you shouldn’t need magnesium supplements, which are essentially a laxative. Too many resistant starches and all of the other supplements for “good gut bacteria” may actually be contributing to gas and stomach discomfort. But don’t take my word, seek advice from a REAL medical professional.

  6. Lisa says

    I had really bad eczema when I was a child and occasionally it flares up now that I’m older. My parents solution for those really bad nights of being super itchy when I was a kid was to put a double layer of mittens and gloves on my hands tied tight on my wrists with rubber bands so I couldn’t pull them off. It kept me from itching them, but it was miserable having hot hands all night! I hated it. My mom would also rub vaseline and my prescription ointment all over the spots, but that never worked. The only thing that provided any relief for the night was to go to sleep with cold wash cloths on my legs, but obviously that doesn’t have any lasting relief. Anyways, I completely understand what you’re going through Michelle! I understand the frustration and just crying about it because it’s so. so. so. itchy and hot and all you want is for it to go away! I’m sending love and smile and positive vibes your way and hoping for an answer to why it’s flaring up so bad with you. I know the answer must be about to reveal itself soon.
    Lots of love,

  7. says

    Our whole family is on board by applying essential oils throughout the day and we totally have experienced improvements.We are excited to share more of how we use oils in our everyday life. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

  8. says

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  9. says

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