Wild and crazy 15 minute amrap purely training 62

wild crazy 15 min full body amrap purelytwins workout

We felt a little wild and crazy last week when we filmed this workout. It was a Friday and we both were looking forward to a fun weekend.

Michelle had a relaxing weekend bonding with Jax. She is getting good practice at babysitting, haha. Gary and I spent the weekend near the North Carolina mountains to see two of our friends marry each other. I just love weddings, don’t you?  I got to wear my new dress that I got from Target. Did you guys like my mini fashion show?  Michelle and I both love shopping, just wish money really grew off trees ;)

This workout was short and sweet, just long enough to keep me focused then it was over and I could get other things done. Do you ever feel like you have no time to workout? Do you ever just go WILD and need something to release all your energy?

Well we’ve got you covered today with Purely Training workout #62.

plank butt lift for tight core and butt

15 minute amrap that will work your core, arms and legs. And leave you feeling wild and crazy.

When you are done with the workout you will feel focused and energized.

No equipment needed! We got 4 FUN moves for this workout.

You will do the reps for each one and do as many rounds as you can within the 15 minutes.

Here is the workout breakdown.

Don’t forget to PIN this workout to try this week and let us know how you liked it!

pt #62 wild crazy 15 min amrap purelytwins-01

purely training #62 15 min amrap (click to download your printable)

We suggest for different fitness levels:

B-fits (beginner peeps):   Follow video for recommendations. Try to do as many rounds as you can for 10 minutes. Then over time work your way up to 15 minutes. Omit the  jumping in the burpee. Do push-ups on knees.

A-fits (advanced peeps):  Go for speed to challenge yourself. If you want to go further set timer for 18 or 20 minutes.

FIT moms (pregnancy recommendations) :  Do the modifications mentioned in the video. Go at a slower pace if needed. Follow along with Lori! Omit the jumping in the burpee. Do push-ups on knees.

pregnancy safe 15 minute home workout

A 15 minute pregnancy safe workout that you can do while your kids nap!

Need motivation to workout? Workout with Lori in real time here.

Always listen to your body and do the modifications that feel right to you.

In under 15 minutes you will have a rock solid body that will carry you through your crazy day.

Go warm-up and come workout with us.

*disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying anything new with your workout routine. 

And if you enjoyed this workout and want to do it with us in real time click here to join our purely fit family.

Come be wild and crazy with us!

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CLICK TO TWEET –> 15 minute #pregnancyworkout that you can do while the little one is napping via @purelytwins #fitfluential 

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Wearing: Customized Nike Free Shoes | Black sports bras from Handful bra | Black crops from Raw Threads


  1. Georgia says

    You guys are too cute!!! I’m sore from yesterday but I’m just going to force myself to do this :)

  2. says

    I have never tried an AMRAP workout – thanks for sharing I will be adding it to this week’s workouts for sure! My focus this week is on core. I really need to stop talking about it and work hard to strengthen it!

  3. says

    Yes! I loved the mini fashion show :) The clothes you bought were so pretty :)
    I definitely have times where I feel, “I HAVE to do something!” I will keep this workout in mind for times like those! And it looks like really fun anytime workout!
    Also, I really liked the fishtail braid from yesterday!

  4. mncornell30 says

    Thanks for sharing this workout! Can’t wait to try it. Just curious, where in the mountains were you? We were in Asheville for the weekend!

  5. Floriane says

    Just did it! It was very fun. I had to do some push-ups on my knees in order to keep a proper form. The squat into side kicks are fun!
    I did 4 full round plus 10 one arm burpees! Thank you girls!

  6. says

    Hi! It is great that you also post short workouts. We need more advocates of short, intense workouts. There are still so many trainers who believe you have to train for several hours each week to stay in shape, and that is a myth. Thank you!

  7. Allie Anselmo says

    Hi girls!

    Congrats on the baby Lori she’s beautiful! I’ve never tried an AMRAP before, just because I felt like I wouldn’t push myself as hard if I was just doing it for rounds (compared to time in interval workouts). But this morning I got up, did this workout, and LOVED it! I got in 5 full rounds, and 20 plank butt lifts. Thanks for such awesome workouts and blog posts, I love them :)


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