Target fashion show + new summer goal

Good Saturday morning luvs!

We both got up and got our sweat on ;) We decided to take on purely training #61 again! We both did 5 rounds and some foam rolling. Great way to start the weekend.

Do you have any special plans this weekend? Lori and Gary are heading to a wedding as Michelle is baby sitting little crazy Jax!! Well he is not so little anymore.

maternity clothes from target

We have a fun video today Lori puts on a mini fashion show with some new maternity clothes she got from Target (which she bought with her own money!!).

Plus we discuss our new summer goal, we hope you join us :)


Have a wonderful day!

Hopefully you can get outside and enjoy the day :)

twins walking


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  1. says

    i love that black dress sis! oh and your arms look RIPPED :) you girls work so hard and it is paying off :D

    haha michelle you made me laugh “pick up your dog’s pooh!”

    i am so with you on your summer goal :D ever since going to and coming back from Barbados, I have been taking more and more time away from social media, too. being in the present moment is something i noticed i am getting so much better at and it feels so so good!!!!!

    hopefully we can plan a Skype date soon though :) i miss my sisters <3

  2. Georgia says

    Yes I am with you!! Experience life this summer and unplug, I love that goal. The dress for the wedding is so pretty, I’m loving long hemlines.

  3. kitkat says

    Really cute shirts the rusching is great on the sides, very flattering! I loved my raybans until I lost them :/ Now I only buy cheap $10 pairs (from target) and I lose those like every other week

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