5 secrets to make the best Cuban sandwich

Pregnancy has been a very interesting journey for me so far. My body changes everyday, but my appetite and taste for food seems to stay the same majority of the time.

I am still loving bulletproof coffee with my breakfast. Which for the most part, I am still enjoying the same breakfast for months now.

I guess some things never get old. Do you have any meals or certain food groups that just never get old? Something you literally eat everyday?

cuban ham cheese pickle sandwich purelytwins grain free gluten free

Well this sandwich has nothing to really do with that, haha. It’s just a pregnancy craving –> ham and cheese.


Wait I am not a cheese girl.

Maybe baby M is?

Well I was wanting a BIG old sandwich filled with ham, cheese and pickles and this Cuban sandwich fit the bill!!

Do you want know the secrets in making an amazing sandwich? Well you are about to find out.

grain free gluten free ham cheese pickle cuban sandwich purelytwins

The 5 secrets to make the best Cuban sandwich:

1. Good quality bread like our plantain bread

2. Good quality ham –> like from  US Wellness Meats for quality grassland meat products.

3. Spicy mustard

4. Good quality cheese

5. Bread and Butter pickles

And just so happens that the 5 secrets to making the best sandwich are all the ingredients that you will need to make this mile high sandwich ;)

healthy ham cheese pickle grain free gluten free sandwich purelytwins

ingredients in making healthy grain free cuban sandwich purelytwins

Michelle and I made everyone Cuban sandwiches for lunch this past Saturday when our parents were visiting. Everyone loved them!

Actually everyone loved them so much that we made more on Sunday.

And we aren’t even huge sandwich people. But these Cuban sandwiches are all we want lately.

grain free ham cheese cuban sandwich purelytwins

classic cuban ham cheese sandwich healthy grain free purelytwins

This Cuban sandwich is gluten and grain-free! And it will leave your full and satisfied for hours.

This recipe is also paleo friendly depending if you are one who eats cheese or not. The cheese can be omitted.

The classic way to make a Cuban sandwich is usually with using swiss cheese but we aren’t swiss cheese fans. So we made ours with a lovely sheep cheese that we bought from Whole Foods. Please feel free to use any cheese of your liking.

Gluten-free grain-free Cuban sandwich

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

serves 2-3

Gluten-free grain-free Cuban sandwich

Gluten-free grain-free sandwich bread used to make a ham and cheese sandwich. Add mustard, pickles and cheese and you have a healthy Cuban sandwich made from real ingredients.



  1. Make plantain bread. Blend eggs, plantain and coconut oil. Bake in oven.
  2. Get the full directions here
  3. Once bread cools a little cut bread into 4 triangles.
  4. Place one triangle on the plate.
  5. Spread mustard on followed my ham, cheese, and pickles.
  6. Place another bread triangle on top.
  7. Repeat for the next two triangle bread pieces.

Who wants a homemade cuban sandwich?

Are you a sandwich fan?

What is your favorite sandwich?

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  1. Zandi says

    So I tried the bread with banana.. didn’t quite come out as I’d thought.. was sweet and moist… could I sub the banana with sweet potato?…would it work?


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