Is Nikki’s coconut butter better than homemade and making the best savory waffle sandwich

Hello luvs,

What a gorgeous day we had here yesterday. And today we are blessed again. We’ve been getting outside as much as possible from sitting outside to taking long walks. Wish everyday could be sunny ;) Wouldn’t that be nice.  Who else is enjoying being outside more?

Moving onto our newest coconut obsession…coconut butter! We normally make our own coconut and nut butters.

Which is better homemade coconut butter or is Nikki’s coconut butter?

purely review-07

purelytwins review of nikkis coconut butter

We received their vanilla cake batter and chocolate hazelnut brownie to taste and give our opinions.

Yes, Nikki’s coconut butter is just as good as homemade!!  Seriously loving this stuff.

We make any excuse to go and take a bite.

If you have not tried Nikki’s coconut butter, order some and be prepared to fall in love. We just love taking bites straight from the jar.

nikkis coconut butter

To be honest it’s hard to go wrong with coconut butter. Though we are coconut fans, so we love anything coconut based.

We love their short ingredient list! And their coconut butter is gluten and dairy free and made with organic coconut! Love that.  Also love that they are dessert lovers and wanted to create a healthy dessert that they could enjoy. That’s us for sure!

review of nikkis coconut butter purelytwins

Check out today’s video – we  give our thoughts about Nikki’s coconut butter (Jax makes several appearances as apparently he wanted some) plus we show you how we make our savory waffle sandwiches.

Of course the vlog is filled with our typical ramblings.

We can’t wait to play around with Nikki’s coconut butter to create some amazing treats!! Promise we will share!

Okay now that we have your wanting some delicious healthy fats via coconut butter it’s time to switch to more savory.

grain free turkey waffle sandwich

Turkey waffle sandwiches. Yes you heard us correctly!

Our next obsession behind the coconut butters — PLANTAINS!

savory waffles

healthy grain free savory turkey mustard waffles purelytwins

Seriously the best sandwich. Okay that’s a hard decision when you have bacon avocado sandwich.

Here’s what we did for the waffle sandwich –>

savory smoked turkey waffle sandwiches


  • 100 grams of plantain (about half of green/yellow plantain)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • fillings
  • few slices smoked turkey
  • horseradish mustard (we like Annie's brand)
  • shredded brussel sprouts (optional)
  • * can use lettuce or any sandwich topping you like


  1. Place all plantain bread ingredients into blender along with the coconut flour and baking soda. Blend.
  2. Pour plantain bread batter into hot waffle maker.
  3. Cook according to waffle maker.
  4. Once waffles are done.
  5. Place on plate and begin to layer with whatever toppings you like.

perfect turkey waffle sandwich purelytwins

Perfection. We are already planning on making this again for our lunch today! Super excited!!!

What are you having for lunch today?

Do you like smoked turkey? Do you like savory waffles?

Do you like coconut butter? Have you tried Nikki’s coconut butter before?

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  1. georgia says

    Turkey waffle sandwiches!?!?! :D You girls should change your name to purely genius… I’ve been craving chicken and waffles lately for some reason and it never occurred to me to make it into a sandwich at home with deli meat instead of fried yuckiness

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