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Sparks from our week:

homemade kombucha

Enjoying homemade kombucha outside for a late afternoon break.

nikkis coconut butter

Receiving Nikki’s coconut butter to taste and review. We already took one bite of each flavor and OMG delicious.

enjoying lunch outside

Enjoying a few lunches outside.


Eating grapefruit just about everyday. Love!

cereal chia pudding

Made some of our vanilla puff cereal.

michelle cerea bowl

Enjoyed our puffs with our spirulina goat kefir chia pudding. YUM.

lori eating blueberries

Finished off a pint of fresh blueberries that we used in a recipe. It has been forever since we have enjoyed blueberries like this. Amazing.

post workout meal

After filming a great workout we made ourselves a lovely post workout meal –> eggs, sweet potatoes, beef liver meatballs, dulse flakes, and sea salt. Plus loving our new Albion Fit sports bra that we bought.

michelle working out

Filmed our last bedroom purely training video!

lori side kick

Also did some leg work!

banana egg waffles

Yesterday morning it was all about coffee and waffles. Waffles were eggs mixed with bananas, gelatin, ghee, coconut oil and some peanut butter. Soft and yummy.

Purely Fit Life and Purely Twins Community shout outs:

purely love

food shout out

Loving all the recipe love!!


5 by 50 shoutout

Yay Lori for loving our 5 by 50 workout.

Comments of the week:


Thanks Noemi :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.40.01 AM

Wahoo for no flour cracker and flatbread cookbook luv!! So happy you are loving the recipes.

From around the internet:

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Sorry for the lack of link love this week, we’ve been reading some new books and not too much online this past week.

What sparked your interest? Leave a link below to your top blog post of the week!


New blog post in the purely fit life club area:

Daily eats 3-11-14 under personal eats

Video check-in of one of our post workout meals

Finding your carb sweet spot  under health and fitness tips

New weekly workout schedule is up with new workouts this coming week


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10 Responses to weekly sparks

  1. I love my home-brewed kombucha! What have you been making flavor-wise? I always use ginger and cinnamon and then go from there. Last week’s blood orange and grapefruit was my favorite so far!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..San Diego: A Long, Strange TripMy Profile

  2. careyalina says:

    Would you do a How To on making your own Kombucha sometime, I would love to try this myself.

  3. wow i really need to get some nikkis cake batter! looks amazing! as far as the bodyweight exercises go, i feel strongly that it is enough. sometimes, we have to move heavy things in our daily lives (think stones or dirt if we are building a path or making a garden etc) even carrying lots of groceries from the market home since i live in the city is a workout! i don’t feel like i need to lift things so heavy that my guts feel like they are gonna drop out just to be lean or fit haha. plus, bodyweight working out is cheap! :)

    have you guys read this response to that study re: protein and meat consumption? denise kills it again: http://rawfoodsos.com/2014/03/09/new-animal-protein-study/ she debunked and highlighted all the most important parts and i completely agree.
    The Delicate Place (@misathemeb) recently posted..not that kind of greenMy Profile

  4. Your kombucha looks great! It’s on my to list to try making it. Thanks for sharing my post, friends!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Weekly workouts + meal planMy Profile

  5. Karen says:

    I sooo badly want to try Nikki’s brand! I cannot find it here though and shipping is horrid

  6. There’s CAKE BATTER coconut oil?! Where did you find that I need it!

    I shared my pie recipes on Pi Day! Check it out for some vegan recipes, including vegan apple pie with a coconut oil crust and vegan pumpkin whoopie pies! http://runfasteatlots.blogspot.com/2014/03/its-pi-day-friday.html
    Jojo @ RunFastEatLots recently posted..Saturday ShenanigansMy Profile

  7. michellec says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and the way that you research and test different health concepts. I’m curious if you could devote a post to ways to use gelatin, other than making gummies, as well as all the health benefits.

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