18 cookie dough love recipes

Good Morning friends!

Today we are sharing our collection of gluten-free cookie dough recipes!

Below is a collection of just about every chocolate chip inspired recipes we’ve made….and can you believe that we have a few more ideas coming??

Get ready to drool ;)

Most of these recipes are vegan (dairy and egg free), corn-free, soy-free, low sugar, nut-free and paleo friendly!

18 healthy and delicious gluten free cookie dough based recipes purelytwins

Something for every eater in your house.

Cookie dough cocoa pancakes  (grain-free)

Cookie dough cinnamon rolls (to die for!!)  yeast and egg-free


Cookie dough brownie cake with cookie dough frosting (vegan) 

Protein low sugar cookie dough cupcakes  (vegan)

Raw cookie dough pumpkin chocolate cups


Cookie crisp cereal recipe (egg-free, can be made grain-free)

Individual chocolate chip cookie recipes (vegan and stevia sweetened recipes)

Soft coconut flour chocolate chip cookies  (vegan option)

Grain-free almond meal chocolate chip cookies (vegan option)



Soft batch chocolate chip cookies (grain-free, vegan)

Chocolate chip cookies that serve two

No sugar added banana chocolate chip blondies (vegan)

Protein chocolate chip flax cookies (vegan, raw)

Cookie cake with 3 ingredient coconut frosting  (vegan)

Homemade protein cookie crisp cereal  (vegan)

Cookie dough protein banana bread DONUT bread pudding  (two of our favorites together!)

Cocao puff cookie dough blizzard  (vegan, paleo)

And to save the best for last!


Raw vegan cookie dough dip   (naturally sweeten too!)

Any other cookie dough fans? Chocolate chip cookie lover – yes or no? What is your favorite type of cookie?


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