Bedroom Towel Workout Purely Training #52

Good Morning Purely Fit Friends,

Happy Monday! Did you have a great weekend? We did! Made several new recipes that we can’t wait to share with you plus did get outside a lot to enjoy the sunny warm weather. And ended our weekend with hanging out with our dear friend did some yoga together and enjoyed brunch. Perfect weekend.

Now for today’s purely training workout.

We all want a strong core for better posture and more confidence, right? What about flat stomachs? Looking for a killer ab workout that will have abs on fire? Look no further.

Well this purely training workout video is another AB workout! After all the love for the plank bedroom workout, we knew we had to kill your abs once more ;)

Bedroom towel plank core workout for rock solid abs.

purely twins bedroom ab towel  workout

We are just having so much fun filming these bedroom workouts as it’s making us be more creative in small space. Towels are the only equipment needed for this ab workout.  And we all have towels around, right?

plank tummy tuck circles

Not only will your abs be burning, but your arms and legs will also be fully engaged and on fire!

And this workout is great for everyone because:

1 – no jumping, so low impact (no loud noise to wake up your neighbors)

2 – you can do as many rounds as you want, so perfect for any schedule

3 – fun, so no excuse not to move the body

plank bedroom workout

This workout will challenge your body in a different way than you use to due to the sliding motion. Just go out as far as you can in each move that you feel comfortable and that you feel your core fully engaged.  Even though you are only doing 10 reps – promise it’s challenging! Remember to breathe.

A great workout to get a strong core and perfect for getting lean arms.

Here is the plank core towel workout breakdown:

PT 52 towel workout

PT 52 towel workout  (click for printable)

We suggest:

  • A-fits (advanced peeps) :  Push yourself hard in each move. Try to limit your breaks. Do 4 – 5 rounds.
  • B-fits (beginner peeps):  Go at a slower speed, take breaks when needed. Follow the modifications we mention in the video. Complete one round. Work your way up to 3 -4 rounds.

Time to clean the floors while we build a strong core.

If you enjoyed this workout check out these towel workouts:

300 rep sliding workout

12 rep low impact full body workout

start believing you can do it

Purely Fit friends keep in mind that your thoughts and what you believe is so important to actually achieving your goals. Once you start to truly believe you can, you’re almost there! Wake up every day with a grateful heart and faith you can make a difference.

You know we love our planks. And with this new towel variation makes us love them even more.

What did you do this weekend?

What is your favorite move from this bedroom towel workout?

Do you like using props or equipment in your workouts?

Make sure to tag #purelytwins or #purelyfitlife so we can see you planking it out!


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PS. If you like this workout and want the full length workout video to do it with us, plus have access to several archived workouts come and join our purely fit life club today to start!  Your time is now to commit to be FIT! Move with passion. We look forward in training with you.


  1. Steph says

    This is a great ab work out, did it yesterday and loved it! I am definitely feeling it today and am enjoying trying some of your other workouts throughout my week as well. Thanks for sharing! :)


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