No Flour Cracker and Flatbread Cookbook

Happy Friday luvs!!!

It’s here!! It’s here!!

FINALLY!! (can you tell we are excited)

After making and editing all the recipes for this cookbook (hard to believe it was a year ago) we have finally published it.

We are so excited to launch our 3rd cookbook with you guys!  Adding to our cookbook collection ;)

NO Flour cracker cookbook

No Flour Cracker and Flatbread Cookbook!

The No Flour Cracker and Flatbread Cookbook is your complete gluten-free, vegan, mostly grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free, paleo-friendly, real food cookbook! Inside you will find 49-page, full color PDF digital/ebook with 12 healthy no flour recipes. These crackers and flatbreads are the perfect on-the-go snack or a wonderful addition to a meal.

How did we come up with the name?

The name for this book changed frequently. We kept going back and forth on what to call it. We wanted something fun and different. Kinda like our Never too old for s’mores cookbook.  For this cookbook title we were looking for something that stood out. A title that explained what the book was yet made you think. And that’s how no flour cracker and flatbread cookbook came about.

How do you buy yourself a copy?

There are two options for this cookbook:

Print via Amazon – click for hardcopy for $14.99

Digital PDF – click buy now to purchase this ebook for $4.99

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This cookbook is filled with real food recipes! No fancy ingredients. Each recipe can be done in a dehydrator or oven!

See us making the kale flatbread here in this video.


These recipes we created over 5 years ago when we ran and owned our gluten-free vegan bakery. We had one client ask for raw foods, so we quickly researched and read about raw foods. And this lead us to try out a raw foods diet for a few years and we just love making up healthy raw snacks.   Even though we are not raw foodies anymore we still love enjoying raw foods in our diet.

After making these yummy recipes for others, we are now ready to make our beloved recipes LIVE!! As they are too good to not to share ;)

The thing we love about raw foods is getting the real true flavor of foods!

These recipes are bursting with flavor and nutrition! A double bonus. Plus anyone and everyone will love them. We promise you that.

noflour-kalecracker - raw vegan glutenfree

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You will find the top favorites from our customers from cheez cracker to kale cracker to collard onion cracker.

Think healthy dorritos. Upgraded kale cracker. And COLLARD ONION…well the name alone gets everyone’s attention. Once you taste them you’ll become permanent lovers!

We dare you to try them!

gluten free paleo noflour-berrybread

Most of the recipes are savory, but we do have a few sweeter ones like berry chia bread!

There is no cookbook like this out there!

Most of the ingredients you already have in your house. Real food recipes.

Are they easy to make?

You bet! All you do is grind, mix, spread and bake (or dehydrate!).


Are you ready to enjoy the best cracker?

Grab your copy today for only $4.99! We appreciate the support :)

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And we have great news — we are offering an affiliate program for this No Flour Cracker and Flatbread Cookbook.

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Check out all the details on how to become an affiliate here.   Anyone can become an affiliate of our cookbook!

We know you’ll enjoy our newest cookbook as much we do!!  Learn how to make raw kale flatbread. 

Sorry again for having blog issues this morning. Hopefully everything is fixed now :)



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