love your body workout + sale and giveaway

Happy Move-it-Monday purely fitters!!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Sorry if you are sick of hearing about Valentine’s day. We know to many it’s just another day, but one thing we appreciate about Valentine’s day is most of the messages are about LOVE!!! And we are focusing this purely training workout on –> learning to love your body.  Learning to love to workout. Well, like working out.

Special announcements:  At the end of the post we have two discounts going on for our products and services and chance for YOU TO WIN a handful sports bra!

love your body workout

Get ready for a fun bodyweight challenge.

Love your body Valentine’s day bodyweight workout.

This workout includes some of our favorite exercises plus added in a new move that we are excited to share with you.

purelytwins workout 48

Get ready to do some plank hugs. A favorite plank move variation that we love to do as it really targets your obliques.

Now for our NEW move – plank squat. Plank squat is pretty much a plank into a knee to elbow. This move is a great exercise that will challenge your body. A great exercise move that uses the legs and upper body as well as the abs. When you bring your knee to your elbow make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the entire movement.

Remember over time you will build that core strength to do continue to do advanced moves.

Here is the workout breakdown:

purelytraining #48

purelytraining #48 (click for printable)

We suggest:

  • A-fits (advanced peeps) :  Push yourself hard in each 30 seconds. Go fast in each interval.
  • B-fits (beginner peeps):  Go at a slower speed, take breaks when needed. Follow the modifications we mention in the video.

This workout routine is full of simple exercises that can be done at home to strengthen the whole body. Any fitness level can do it.

Enjoy the workout! You will LOVE it!

you were born to be real not to be perfect

Remember to LOVE yourself for who you are right now! Have goals. Write down a plan. Make mistakes. Life live!

You were born to be real not to be perfect!

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As we  mentioned in the video people can be pretty nasty in pointing out your flaws… things you have insecurities about…but try to let them go. It’s so important to work on gaining self-confidence. And with a workout like this you will gain STRENGTH inside and out. You will stand taller. Be ready to tackle the day. Overcome others.

Be proud of yourself!

If you enjoyed this workout and want to workout with us in real time, check out our Purely Fit Life fitness and wellness online club. New workout videos every week plus you get access to health and diet tips. AND this week we are offering a SALE on our membership, check out the details below!


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NOW FOR the SALES and GIVEAWAY information :)

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The winner of the handful bra is Hillary   — congrats sweetie. Please email us purelytwins at  Thanks

handful bra giveaway

One lucky reader gets a chance to win a FREE HANDFUL BRA!  We are so excited and honored to be able to work the amazing ladies over at Handful bra to be able to offer our readers something special. And we love supporting other small business owners! And another bonus is that if you are or become a purely fit life club member you get an exclusive special discount!!

Handful bra is our favorite sports bra to wear during our workouts. Make sure to follow Handful bra on Facebook and Instagram and show them the purely fit love :)

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HOW TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: NOTE THIS ENDS WEDNESDAY! We will announce winner on Thursday.

1) Leave comment here letting us know what color bra you would like.

2) Second leave a comment sharing ONE thing you LOVE about yourself.

Bonus: Sharing this on facebook, blog, instagram, etc Make sure you tag us #purelytwins and while you are on facebook going ahead and give handful a like!

LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for the love and support.


  1. Sandra says

    Morning! color bra I would like is purple! ONE thing I LOVE about myself is my drive to never give up! I always push harder and pat myself on the back even though I have not achieved my goal , but I know I will because I never give up :)

  2. Laurel C says

    I love lots of things about myself (in a non-self centered way!), but I like that I am kind and a great listener, it makes me a better friend. And I love my legs that allow me to run and cycle the way that I do!

  3. Taylor says

    I would like the bra in Purple!
    One thing I love about myself is my height. For a female, being 6 feet tall is quite a defining feature of myself and I have learned to love and embrace it! This wasn’t always the case, sadly. But now, I even wear heels out sometimes :)
    Thanks, Purely Twins!

  4. Chrisanthy says

    One thing that I love about myself is my strength, not just physically but emotionally. Last year was a very trying year, I realize I’m stronger than I thought.

  5. Jamie says

    I would love a black handful bra! They look super cute! As far as something I love about myself – my passion for healthy cooking! I like knowing that I am doing something that will help keep me and my family (& friends when I can cook for them) healthy and I love eating and sharing good food!

  6. Eguzy says

    I’m so glad you are celebrating love this week! I love my small chest and sense of humor that keeps me grounded :) I’d love a black sports bra to keep me motivated for all those PF workouts!

  7. Susie Smith says

    One thing I like about myself is that I follow the mantra,”Planks are tough, yet I am tougher.” “Spin is tough, but I am tougher.”
    My preference for a bra color is black.
    Luv, Susie Smith

  8. Marie Nielsen says

    I love my heart The most for still be beating and keeping me alive every day. I’ve been battling and literally broken my body down so much the past years going trough a very bad eating disorder. When my body stopped functioning last year, and I found myself with one foot in the hospital, one in the grave, my heart wasn’t giving up on me. When I wanted to give up myself, my heart kept showing me love. I continued on my own, and during the past 6 month I’ve stabilized my weight, raised my bodyfat% from 3 (YES,3%!!) to womanly 24,6% . I still have some “bodywork” to do, but I keep believe and thank my body, my heart for still believing in me.

    If I win, I’ll like to have the PINK color… After all, It is Valentin’s day, right ? :)

    Love Marie <3

  9. Courtney says

    When I first read Handful bras I thought it was a typo! What a clever name! The color names are funny, too.

    I love Gettin’ Lucky Green. That would be the color I’d choose.

    It’s too separate comments, right? I hope so, because if not I’m about to spam with a second. :)

    • Courtney says

      two* not too.

      If I may be so bold, I love my breasts. That probably sounds really crass, but they have gotten smaller since I started working out, and it took me a long time to adjust to the size. I think, as women, we’re told that bigger is better when it comes to our boobs, but I’ve really come to love them as they’ve become smaller and more proportional to my body size.

  10. Sherri says

    If I win the giveaway the color I would choose is black. I want to win it for my daughter who is constantly trying to find the right sports bra to wear during her volleyball.

  11. Sherri says

    What I love about myself, is that I am a mother of three and a grandmother and still follow blogs like yours to try to keep my body in shapeand maintain my health. I am grateful for blogs like yours because they help keep me motivated.

  12. says

    I love Handful bras! I have the Booya Black, and I would love the No Headlights White or the Honey Badger Beige. I wear the one I have EVERY DAY so I need some more basic colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. says

    And one thing I love about myself is my enduring optimism. Even if I’m feeling discouraged about a challenge I’m facing or a little less excited about the way my body looks at the moment, I don’t stay down for long. I can turn a hard situation into something beautiful to learn from, and I love that about myself!
    Erin recently posted..trailmix cookiesMy Profile

  14. Sarah says

    I’m not an athletic body type at all, but I started doing yoga for a form of fitness by non-coordinated self could do and realized I am naturally very flexible, so I love my body for the ways it can bend and move!

  15. Callie Streich says

    I would love either black or pink!
    One thing I love about myself: hard to dig deep and answer this one right now. Over the weekend I attempted and DNF’d my second attempt at a very challenging trail 50K. I’ve been pretty crushed about it and the last thing I want to do is feel lovey about myself…I’d rather pout, haha. But I need to allow grace…so here goes. I love that I gave birth to two amazing babies that, along with my husband, have shown me just how worthy I am. I love that I can and will bounce back and that I’m already planning out that next race. I’ve allowed big and little things to deter me from greatness all my life. I will no longer let that be my anthem. I love that I now recognize weaknesses as opportunities for growth and I honor the journey for what it is.

  16. Jill Morris says

    I would love another handful bra! I have one that I wash and wear all week! I would like black or pink :) I love that I am short! Tiny but mighty :) I will be sharing on my Instagram acct @itsalrighttobelittlebitty

    Getting ready to do the workout! It looks great!

  17. says

    I love being confident in staying true to myself. I don’t change my actions are thoughts based on the company I’m surrounded with. I’m confident in who I am and I don’t feel the need or pressure to change because of anyone else!

  18. Shal S says

    would love a black bra. Have been looking for a great sports bra for ages. Can’t wait to try it out.

    i LOVE myself :)

  19. Sondra says

    I love my determination to continually strive to be better, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. I don’t want to be perfect, just the perfect me.

    I would love the battle cry pink bra.

    Thanks for constantly reminding us women to not only be fit and healthy physically but also mentally. Xx

  20. dahlia says

    Comment 1: I think I’d like the black one!

    Comment 2: One thing I love about myself is my ability to accomplish new things if I really put my mind to them.

  21. Tiffany S. says

    I LOVE my strength, both mental and physical. I am proud of the person I’ve become and am proud of the strength I posess.

  22. Khadija says

    One thing I love about myself is that even though I haven’t seen the results that I wanted for nearly a year, I am still pushing to reach my goal

  23. says

    i love how strong my arms have gotten! if consistent workouts (mostly bodyweight) and even yoga, my arms have built so much muscle and definition :)
    Yoojin recently posted..PhotoMy Profile

  24. says

    I love that I can do many, many things…even if I can’t do them all super well. I can write, draw, paint, sing, play the piano and guitar, and recently have been able to do all these things with my community. I’m also pretty darn athletic and that’s a whole different set of skills.
    Running Hutch recently posted..My Sweaty Valentine WorkoutsMy Profile

  25. Jordan says

    I’m pretty sure these sports bras were engineered for me and my (not so) ample chest ;) but I love the battle cry pink… cause on Wednesdays we wear pink

  26. Jordan says

    What do I love about myself? I love my protective nature. I see it most when it comes to my family. I would fight to the death and do anything for them. I also love my determination. I spent six months in a residential facility to beat an eating disorder that put me on my death bed. I now appreciate my body for its strength and what it can do, not how thin I can make it!

    Sharing on facebook, twitter, and pinning :)

  27. says

    One thing I love about myself is my determination in everything I do. I never give up and live by one of Sir Winston Churchill’s most famous quotes (“Never, never, never give up”).

  28. says

    Gosh I love that quote about being real instead of perfect. You know I clicked the Tweet button!! haha. Also, I like that Valentines day workout. I will have to show that to my friend. She is looking for new workouts. Thank you!!

  29. Lara says

    Would probably go for classic black but maybe mix it up with the “purple mountains majesty” just because the name cracks me up so much :D

  30. Lara says

    I’m just gonna say it… I love my boobs! I think they might be the only body part that I am consistently positive about. I just think they are nice :)

  31. Mama JLo says

    Morning! I posted, liked, shared you and Handful on Facebook! I would love a black one! I love that I’m a mom of two beautiful boys getting back into fitness and ready to make my body roar this summer and from now on! <3

  32. Betsy says

    I would love to have purple!!!! Purple is my favorite color. What I like about myself is when I make up my mind to do something I do it.

  33. Rachel says

    I love that I take the time and effort to care for my body with a healthy diet and fitness routine. I also love that I am always up for learning more. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  34. Jennifer says

    One thing I love about myself that I don’t give up….my hips have given up on running long distances so I am moving in a new direction. I am cross-training, yoga, spinning, and I just tried my first cross-fit class. Even at age 44, I continue to find new activities to keep my body and mind healthy. Thanks for this lesson in loving myself. Any bright color of Handful sports bra would be awesome. Thanks!

  35. Rachel M says

    I love entering giveaways! It makes me feel pumped up even if I don’t win:)!
    I would want a black one, It makes me feel like a boss when I work out in black.
    Lately I’ve been loving my confidence, I have always struggled with self image but recently I’ve been feeling really good about my self, it’s tefreshing! I’ll share this on pinterest!

  36. Jackie says

    Purple!! At this rate all of my sports bras will be purple, but that doesn’t bother me! Also, I love my stubbornness. Lately, it has made life rather difficult. However, I just need to figure things out for myself. And I don’t think that will ever change. :)

  37. Julie says

    I would choose a black one. One thing I love about myself is my passion and determination (a passion for for healthy food, fitness, and health)!

  38. Kiersten says

    I love my height. I used to hate the fact that I was taller but now I love it. I also love how much stronger I have been getting lately since I started adding in more weight training with the help of your program. Thanks ladies!


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