Superbowl recipe round-up

Are you ready for some football? haha

Who are we kidding, we are ready for some FOOD!!

25 superbowl recipes

Today we are sharing 25 recipes that we feel would be perfect to enjoy on the big day!

All of the superbowl recipes are gluten-free with a majority of them being paleo and vegan friendly!!

  Our favorite recipe to make for the  big game – sweet potato guacamole (vegan, paleo)

Broccoli breadsticks (paleo, vegan option)

Plantain brussel sprouts breadsticks (paleo)

Broccoli Casserole (vegan, paleo)

Lentil bread with red pepper spread  (vegan)

Sweet potato butter with socca (vegan)

  Plantain hemp veggie burger (vegan, paleo, nut-free, legume-free)

  Avocado egg sandwich  (vegan if you omit the egg)

Bacon avocado plantain sandwich (paleo)

 Cheezy fries  (grain-free)

bbq chips recipe BBQ plantain chips (paleo, vegan)

Avocado sauerkraut mash (vegan, paleo)

Pumpkin “no flour” bread  (nut-free, no sugar added, paleo)

  Chocolate pistachio bread (paleo, low sugar)

  Cinnamon sugar bites (vegan, paleo)

Soft batch chocolate chip cookies (paleo, vegan)

Snickerdoodle skillet cake (nut-free, paleo)

Pumpkin coconut cookie cake (vegan option, paleo)

Sugar Cookies (paleo, vegan)

Peanut butter hazelnut cocoa cookies (vegan, grain-free)

Chocolate peanut butter cupakes

Triple chocolate cream cake (raw, vegan, paleo)

Coconut lime cream cakes (raw, vegan, paleo)

Our version of rice krispy treats (grain-free, low sugar)

Mint chocolate protein brownies  (vegan, paleo)



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  1. says

    Might be going for this menu instead, of the normal burger i am eating every year to Superbowl! 2014 is the year where i’m gonna get my dream body!


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