crazy 3 part burpee leg interval purely training workout #46

Happy Move-it-Monday purely fit friends!!

How was your weekend? We did not do a whole lot besides doing some work on our next e-cookbook and discussing the future of our business. We just love planning and designing things out!  Oh and went out to dinner with friends last night. Overall a great weekend.

Get ready to continue that love/hate relationship with burpees. Time for another crazy burpee workout.

3 part burpee leg interval workout for purely training routine #46.

home workout leg burpee interval workout with the purely twins

This workout is a 3 part interval workout. We did a similar 3 part interval workout in our purely fit life club and got good feedback on it. Everyone loved it. So we decided to do one here for purely training. We hope you enjoy it.

Being 3 part interval you need the Gymboss Interval Timer mini max where it allows you to have multiple intervals.  It is a fast moving workout.

side lunges leg workout purely twins

Besides  burpees and holding planks we filled this workout with leg based exercises.

We are trying to work our legs more and this workout was perfect.

A mix of cardio and strength all in one just the way we like it.

We recommend  some free weights or sandbag for this workout. You will be doing some squats, side lunges, and deadlifts. This workout will also work on your balance.  Looking for more workouts that challenge your balance try our leg balance workout.

Here is your crazy 3 part burpee workout breakdown:

3 part crazy burpee leg interval workout purelytraining video #46 with get your printable here.

purely training burpee leg workout #46  (click for printable)

Now let’s kill this workout together.


Variations for fitness levels:

Beginners –  Take breaks when needed.  Go at a slower pace. Use light weights (or kettlebell or even a water bottle or a milk jug (remember to keep lid on).

Advanced – Push yourself with using heavy weights. Try to limit your breaks.

Busy People – Go heavy again with the weights and do just 5 rounds not 10. No breaks. Push hard.

amazing things will happen if you work really hard  purely training 46

Focus for today’s workout of the day.

If you work really hard and are passionate in everything you do, amazing things will happen. This is true not only for workouts but for anything in life. We promote that being passionate is important to achieving your desires. You need that inner drive to succeed. It will be a lot of hard work. But if you truly want something. And you believe in yourself. You will achieve it.

Burpee fan? What is your favorite style of burpee to do? How are your workouts going? Share your purely thoughts below.


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PS. If you like this workout and want to sweat it out with us in real time, join our online club for access to full length crazy 3 part interval workout. 


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    wooooo single leg deadlifts are like my least favourite! i rather do burpees ;) i usually don’t complain about burpees, but would complain about those SDL’s! Hahaha they are so good for you though that I should force myself to incorporate them more ;) or at all ;)


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