Triple 8 purely training workout #45

Happy Move-it-Monday Purely Fit friends!!

Really this workout should be called the crazy 8 instead of triple 8 because it’s super intense and CRAZY. Don’t we just have you so excited?! Good ;)

Get ready friends to sweat it out and feel the whole body burn by the end of the workout.

The triple 8 purely training home workout that will work and tone the whole body.

triple eight time challenge purely training workout with purelytwins doing 8 reps of 8 exercises 8 rounds that will leave you sweaty

When designing this workout we thought, oh we will just pick 8 exercises do 8 reps for 8 rounds. That should be easy enough, right? Wrong! Well, it turned out it took us 31 minutes to complete! Told ya it’s crazy.

One reason why this workout was super challenging for us was that we went heavy on the weights. And heavy in terms for us, personally, as we will all have different weights for what is considered heavy depending on your fitness level. We wanted to really step up the intensity in this workout by using heavy free weights. It sure kicked our butts!  We love how using heavy weights can get our heart rates up!  Don’t fear the weights friends.

weight pick ups

This triple 8 workout is filled with some really fun exercises like squat and pick-up. Great exercise that engages the core and lower body.

chair plank reaches

Chair plank reaches. Another great way to change up the intensity with plank. Adding in a chair to heightened the challenge for the body. Great exercise that works the core and upper body.

We picked exercises that would really challenge the entire body. That work the body in all different angles.

If you go heavy with the weights your legs will be feeling it! Also your heart rate will be up!  Who knew that doing 8 exercises 8 reps for 8 rounds for time would be such a killer home workout?! You are going to love it!! We can’t wait to do this workout again and see if we can beat our time.

So you will need some equipment for this workout like a chair (or a box) and free weights (or sandbag or kettlebell). In the video we go over what to do if you don’t have free weights.

Here is your  triple 8 workout breakdown:

purely training triple 8 #45 workout that burns calories and sculpts your whole body with 8 exercises doing 8 times

purely training triple 8 #45 workout  (click for printable)

Remember to go into this workout with drive and passion.


Variations for fitness levels:

Beginners –  Take breaks when needed.  Use light  weights (or kettlebell or even a water bottle or a milk jug (remember to keep lid on). You can do just 4 or 5 rounds through if you are just starting off.

Advanced – Push yourself with using heavy weights. Use a chair for more challenge. Limit your breaks.

Busy People – Go heavy again with the weights and do just 4 rounds. No breaks.

find your inner strength

Going to have to find your inner strength for this workout. But your a veteran purely fitter so you got this!

We were sweaty messes at the end of this workout. We felt amazing afterwards and YOU will too when you complete it.   Your hard work in this workout will pay off. Continue to commit to yourself to try new things, to push your limits, and never give up!

What is the craziest workout you’ve done?  ANy new exercise moves you’ve been liking lately? Share your purely thoughts below. Make sure if you try this workout to come back and let us know how you did.


PS. If you like this workout and want to sweat it out with us in real time, join our online club for access to full length triple 8 workout. 

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14 Responses to Triple 8 purely training workout #45

  1. You just gave me my strength workout to do that the gym later :)

  2. This looks like an intense and awesome workout as usual, ladies!
    I just saw Jen from Peanut Butter Runner demo this really cool burpee complex move: I love it!
    Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves recently posted..Spill It Sundays #6: My Favorite MusicMy Profile

  3. Kim says:

    Love the plank with feet up!!!
    This definitely looks like a crazy intense workout!!
    Kim recently posted..Today We Honor a True American HeroMy Profile

  4. Carla says:

    Im a litttttle trapped at home with the new puppy.
    I needed this! :0)
    Carla recently posted..Four ways slacklining parallels my life.My Profile

  5. AWESOME workout and look at those arms…Hot Hot Hot and so strong! XOXO
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..NEW Workout + Photo Shoot + KalaMy Profile

  6. Steph! says:

    Loved this! Fit in 3 rounds before work yesterday morning and I am definitely feeling it today. Thanks for posting!

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