10 yoga individuals to follow

Hello friends!

Now that we have you working your booty... it’s time to slow down some to get inspired through yoga.

Yoga is something we still have to practice. We don’t do it daily. Although we wish we would!

We honestly love it, but for some reason cannot “make time” do it. To practice it. Again we wish we would.

Besides us lacking in actually practicing more yoga, we surround ourselves with others that inspire us.

Inspire us to DO YOGA!

Here are 10 yoga instructors (individuals) that move us in a way to want to do more yoga that you should follow:

the 10 best yoga people to follow

tara stiles

Tara Stiles  –> we both have her collection of DVDS! And love watching her short youtube videos. We really love her style. So inspiring on so many different levels.

steve ross

Steve Ross –> we got into his yoga about 5 years ago and loved him immediately. Actually his style is what sparked our interest in doing more yoga. We did our best to do the Inhale series with Steve Ross on Oxygen most mornings years ago. We remember waking up before the sun got up and moved the body with Steve. Oh boy was it hard sometimes.  Miss it. Looking at his site looks like he might be coming back!


Travis Eliot –> our newest yoga inspiration that we just admire. We both have his short and sweet yoga dvds and absolutely love them! Our goal is to do them more regularly. A work in progress goal.

heather pace

Heather Pace –>  a dear friend of ours that we have gotten to know through blogging. And not only does she make amazing raw desserts but is a huge yoga inspiration for us! We cannot say enough about Heather. One day we hope she does her own yoga thing ;) and we would be there every step of the way supporting her.

Our Instagram yogi peeps that inspire us:

yoga girl

Yoga Girl


Laura Sykora

bex life


mesh yoga


yoga loving


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.10.25 AM


We adore each one of these ladies. Each one does yoga so gracefully.  Each one of these yoginis have such flexibility that’s truly unbelievable!

There’s something about looking at these inspiring individuals that is so moving. Maybe one day we will be able to do yoga as good as them :)

We also get a lot of yoga inspiration from pinterest.

Do you have a yoga instructor that inspires you?  Share your purely thoughts below as we love finding new yoga people to motivate us to do more yoga.


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  1. Brooke says

    I love all those inspirations…especially Heather. Found her based on her raw desserts, but her yoga is phenomenal!

    I love yoga so much, but I find it hard to “make time” as well. I kinda wish every school and work day started with yoga before you could sit at your desk/computer and then another short session at lunch. I bet we would all be less stressed and more productive :-)

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