bb ‘booty’ purely training workout #44

Hey Purely Fit friends!

Who else watched the golden globes and enjoyed it? We did. Overall we thought everyone looked beautiful. We thought Tina and Amy did a good job hosting it again. And with Jennifer Lawrence of course being amazing.

Okay enough of that time to get to the workout for today!

We’ve got a new workout for you for today’s Purely Training Workout.  And it’s all about the BOOTY!

A fun butt and ball workout. Hey get those dirty thoughts out of your head. We’re talking fitness here. ;)

Because really… who doesn’t want a nice firm butt? We admit we do.

Purely Training workout that will tighten up the butt.

bb butt workout purely training #44 with purelytwins

Grab those stability balls (or a chair) and kettlebell (or sandbag) for this workout!

Time to train the booty!  Fun times.

Get ready to feel the burn in the glutes and hamstrings while doing hamstring rolls. Oh boy were those harder than they look.

kettlebell swings great butt exercise

Of course incorporated some kettlebell swings – great butt toning move. A great way to burn more calories and tone the bod!

Kettlebelll swings are a great exercise move to help make your butt look good!

Really focus on squeezing your butt at the top of each swing! We just love these as we feel each time we do them our booty gets a little firmer. Anyone else?

butt lifts

We’ve also got some fun butt lifts to burn out your buns even more.

Here is your workout to a tighter booty breakdown:

purely training bb workout #44-01

purely training bb workout #44 (click for printable).

Remember to push yourself to get the most out of the workout.

Variations for fitness levels:

Beginners –  Take breaks when needed. For the stability ball part you can use a lower box or chair as we mentioned in the video. Use light kettlebell or even a water bottle for the swings. or a milk jug (remember to keep lid on).

Advanced – Push yourself with using heaving kettlebell or even a sandbag. Use a stability ball for more challenge. Can try to do 7 or 8 rounds for more challenge if you like.

Busy People – Go heavy with the kettlebell part and do just 3 rounds of the workout.

you have to start to be great quote

Remember you don’t have to be super great at something… the key is to be great you have to START! You have to go out and do it.  Zig Ziglar said it great. You have to just start. Starting can sometimes be the hardest part.  Just focus on one day at a time and one workout at a time. And once you get going you will get better and better over time. And you will be great… because you started!  Need help getting started or don’t know where to start make you check out our daily online fitness and wellness program here.

This is a great ball workout that really focuses on your butt (and core!). Double bonus! Try to have a little fun with it ;)

Now go firm up that cute butt of yours.

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What butt exercise do you like to do? Share your purely thoughts below.


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