12 ways to be purely you

Good Morning friends,

Over the years of working in the real world we’ve been so fortunate to have been able to meet and work with so many wonderful people (locally and online). Saying we are thankful is an understatement.

With these experiences we have learned a lot!

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Below we share some tips so you can become successful, happy and fulfilled in all parts of your life. And to be purely you along the way!

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12 ways to be purelyyou

 12 ways to be PURELY YOU :

1. Love yourself unapologetically

When you come from a place of unapologetic authenticity, people get to see the REAL you. Stop apologizing for being you. Remember people that are in your life, love you and will  honestly LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU.  We have learned a lot about being yourself unapologetically from Carla!

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2. Practice self-confidence

Improving self-confidence takes practice! Set daily reminders that you are worth it. Having a strong self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have.  Smile, you are beautiful!

3. Learn to follow your passions

Never give up on your dreams. We have gone through a few different career paths, but they were all things we enjoyed and had a strong passion for. You can have multiple passions.  Just make sure you are doing things that give you drive and leave you feeling like you have a purpose. Do what you love, love what you do! You will have to make sacrifices. It will be a lot of hard work. But above all don’t let someone stop you from following your dreams.

never stop learning

4. Keep yourself educated

Education can be very powerful. Never stop learning. Challenge yourself as that is when growth happens.  Be curious about things, question things!  Never lose your sense of wonder.

5. Make mistakes

We think this quote says it all. “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw.

6. Experiment

Ask yourself,  “how often do I try new things?” Never stop growing. Never stop trying new things. Yes, we say this a lot but it’s so important! Experimenting is the best way to FIND yourself.

7. Find joy in the journey

The world is always going to be full of ups and downs. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Because life goes by fast.  If you want to do something do it! If you want to change, then change. If you love someone say it out loud now!  Find ways to enjoy the bumps in the road.

8. Help others

Stop judging people. Practice empathy.  Be nice to everyone as you do not always know the battle they are secretly fighting!! Respect others. Love one another. Because we are all in this together.  Be the inspiration for others.

9. Surround yourself with positivity

Be around people that bring you up! We have mentioned this before, it’s important to get rid of people and things that bring you down! Keep your environment as positive as you can as it will impact your overall thoughts and emotions.

10. Be unique

Stand out in the crowd. Be a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios.  This goes back to point number 1 and love yourself for being you. This is scary to do when you feel like you should be doing what others are doing. But remember to do what makes you happy and everything else will work out!  Plus, what’s so great about being normal?

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11. Learn to trust yourself

Hang tight. Hold on. Have faith. Trust yourself, whether you actually know what you are doing or not. Refer to tip 6 and 7!


12. Stop trying to be perfect

Being perfect is overrated ;) We are far from perfect and have lost the desire to be it.

be human

Well said Tony!

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Keep trying new things and tweak as you learn and grow.

Friends, those are our 12 ways to be purely you! We hope this gives you inspiration to go out and be YOU! Live your life to the fullest. Time to make 2014 the best year yet :) Who is with us?

What would you add to our list of being purely you? Anything we missed?

Share your purely thoughts below…

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      thank you Sarena!! we are working hard too to keep moving forward and being positive. It can be hard at times but we are constantly learning more and more about ourselves along the way ;) love ya and miss ya!

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      Megan we are so honored to hear this :) we are so happy that you left that job and now you can focus on finding something that you love and keeps you being purely you :)


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