What is Purely Fit Life CLUB?

Hey Purely Fitters and friends,

We have a BIG announcement!!

We have been working hard on some changes to our Purely Fit Life Program. We hope you like the new changes! We are super excited to final share the details with you. Thank you for all the kind words these past few days and being so patient with us. You guys always inspire us to push harder to be better and helped us reach our goals. Let’s make 2014 another amazing year together!

purely fit life online club

It’s now Purely Fit Life Online Fitness and Wellness CLUB.

Not only do we have a new membership option for becoming a purely fitter, but we have some new additions added to each level (lifestyle guide, cooking classes, etc). We have working non-stop the past 72 + hours on a new members platform. And we promise to continue to make improvements, so it’s always enjoyable for our members!

Purely Fit Life ‘s focus is fitness. It’s an online workout program, BUT we do believe in the mind and body connection!

Inside the club you have access to several archived workout videos plus other wellness tips that will further enhance your health and help you reach your goals.

We bring our intense passion and commitment to each workout!  Innovative training with a focus on transforming the body and the mind.

move with PASSION

More about our workout technique:

PFL is a mix of cardio, strength training, core work, flexibility and balance in one quick energetic routine.

Purely Fit Life Club We try to make workouts fun so it doesn’t feel like you are working out. This way you look forward to your next sweat session.  Each exercise has a purpose in the workout.

Lori is a NASM personal trainer as Michelle is currently studying to be an ACE personal trainer.  We never stop learning as we spend a lot of time reading and researching finding the best solutions to improve our purely fitters health!


Keys to success:

  • Consistency
  • Cross-training
  • Flexibility
  • Change
  • Friendship
  • Fuel

There are no requirements to become a Purely Fitter. All you will need is an open mind and passion!  Purely Fit Life is crafted to build amazing bodies (and minds) in limited time using basic equipment.

Empower your mind and body! Do it for you!

members page twins

Join the CLUB!

Workout with the Twins. Our passion is to inspire people to move more and lead healthy happy lives. Let us help you transform your body and mind to become a stronger, more confident YOU!

If you’re serious about transforming your body  Purely Fit Life Club that will help get you there.

Everyone that signs up received a welcome packet, grocery list, how the program works, and much more. Find out here!

love the fit life logo-01

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB and find out EVEN more about the club and all the VIP things ;)  We have it setup a little different –it’s now a daily ONLINE workout and wellness program! We are here for life to help keep you in shape and healthy!

You can join the club at any time. Anyone and everyone can join!

inside the purely fit life club

inside member program

With the new year now here, let us help you reach your new goals! We will help keep you on track and motivated everyday! We will be with you every step of the way as your coaches as well as your friends.

To our all of our current members you should of just received a video check-in explaining the changes.

Look forward in seeing you in the club :)

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  1. Michelle says

    So happy for you two! You’ve accomplished so much this past year, along with learning about your bodies, and helping your readers&friends! HUGS

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