35 favorite PT moments of 2013

Hey luvs,

Now that you know our 2013 Christmas went … it’s time to recap our top moments of the past year ;)

We love being able to look back to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished. It’s crazy what can happen in one year! So many different things happened. We continue to learn and grow… and make yummy recipes along the way.

Time to take a look back at some of Purely Twins favorite moments…

1) Completing 30 day gut healing journey   and first made sugar-free marshmallows.

2) Lori becoming a NASM certified persona trainer  and Michelle ran Disney’s ticker bell half marathon

3) Running the Disney Princess half marathon 

4) Launching our very first Purely Fit Life youtube videos

and our Purely Fit Life program member site 

5) Originating this single serving protein vegan english muffin and creating this amazing chocolate chip cookie for 2 (or one ;) )

6) wine tasting with our dear friend Teri 

7) celebrating turning 30!

8)  Lori celebrated one year wedding anniversary 

9) Enjoyed low sugar protein cookie dough cupcakes

10) Working on a new cookbook 

11)  Jax turning one year old 

12) Happily enjoyed kombucha soft serve ice cream

13)  Started our purely talk videos 

14.) Discussed why we love plantains!

15)  Going to BLEND and meeting so many amazing bloggers who are now friends!


17) Took steps to fix our metabolism 

18)  Surprised our grandfather for his 90th birthday 

19)  Made soft batch grain-free cookies! (egg-free)

20)  Made another yummy classic recipe – protein banana bread  (egg free as well)

21) Made HOMEMADE CEREALS – cocoa puffs, vanilla puffs, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp 

22.) Enjoyed our homemade cereals in different ways from cocoa puff blizzard to rice crispy treat

23)  Showed your our favorite healthy raw cookie dough dip

24)  Went to sunny California to work with Raw Threads at Disneyland

25) made the easiest and fastest 3 ingredient chocolate fudge

26)  Showed how we make some of our favorite snacks – making protein pumpkin fudge  and raw cake batter dough balls

27)  Launched our second digital e-book – Never too old for S’mores

28) Created an amazing fudgy grain-free and egg-free brownie  which we make a lot.

29) Lori shared her journey and tips to help with PCOS and hormonal acne and more

30) Attended ACE symposium and got to use TRX for the first time!

31)  Made raw pumpkin mallomars 

32) Shared our favorite grain-free real food stuffing 

33)  Made easy roll out grain-free sugar cookies!

34) Recipe love continues with making homemade PROTEIN andes mints!

35) And updated our beloved peppermint cream cake to be triple layer!

 Oh all the wonderful memories.

Can’t wait and see what 2014 will bring us!!

We’re soooo excited for the new year! We’ve got a few things envisioned that we hope we can achieve!

Did we miss a Purely Twins highlight?

What was your 2013 highlight?


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  1. Meghanne says

    It’s been so fun watching you gals grow your site and share in your journey. I look forward to lots of posts in the year ahead. Happy New Year lovely ladies!

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