9 holiday questions

Hey luvs,

Happy Christmas Eve!

For a little fun this Christmas Eve post (again so crazy that’s is finally here, eek!!)  we decided to answer a few questions about the holidays in our eyes. Kinda like our Christmas survey from last year. Though this time we just took 9 random questions we have seen before on other blogs to answer here.

1) What do we love most about Christmas?

The happiness and love in the air. How happy and nice everyone is during this time of year. Wish it was like that all the time. Love being with family and making new memories each year. And drinking lots of hot cocoa.


2) Do we have any traditions?

Getting the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. And Christmas morning we have a huge family breakfast followed by opening up presents.  And baking cookies. Lots of cookies. Not sure if those are really traditions but we do them every year.

3) Did you splurge on anything this year?

Yes. We did splurge. Usually we don’t but this year we did! You will have to wait and see what it is after Christmas ;)

4) It’s not the holidays without?

Sugar cookies. For some reason sugar cookies remind us of the holidays. We’ve mention it here before how growing up all of us girls would be in the kitchen listening to Christmas music while baking sugar cookies.

sugar cookies

5) Open any presents on Christmas Eve?

No. We usually wait to open everything on Christmas day.

6) What do you do the day after Christmas?

Usually sleep in a little. Eat any leftovers from Christmas morning. And again hang out with the family.  Reflecting on Christmas day. And of course play with any new gifts that we got. And we usually get together with our girlfriends.

7) Did you send Christmas cards out this year?

No we always forget to do them. Maybe one year will remember. Our mom sends one out though sharing what everyone in the family is up to and anything new happening.

8)  White Christmas?

No. Not yet. Maybe one day. Growing up in Florida you don’t see much snow ;)

9) Do you get dressed up or wear your PJs Christmas morning?

As kids we wore PJs, hair not brushed, and just rolled out of bed. That’s if we even slept.  Fast forward to being adults, we still don’t really get dressed up — but we do brush our hair.

Looks  like this year we dressed the same :) and did our hair. We’re impressed as we don’t remember that happening that much.

Share your purely thoughts. Answer one of the questions below.


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  1. says

    I love the love in the air this time of the year too!! :)

    Is it weird that I just got really excited for your extra large breakfast you’re going to have tomorrow, sounds amazing!! We’ve never done anything like that before – my family is not breakfast type people. LOL. And we aren’t even celebrating XMAS until Saturday.

    I hope you’re cooking my cookie recipe tomorrow ;) MERRY XMAS you two!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Gluten-Free: Not You Too Santa!My Profile

  2. says

    Sounds like a pretty darn perfect holiday to me! I really need to try your sugar cookie recipe. Yum! We are just starting traditions with Kay. We’ve decided to watch home alone every year, get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, decorate the outside of the house together, and maybe Mexican food on Christmas eve :)

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