34 Christmas recipes collection

Happy Friday!

Christmas is a special time of the year. We cherish these moments in life when we can spend extra time with loved ones. And get to spend extra time in the kitchen making yummy things. And to help jump start some Christmas holiday baking we gathered some of our favorites all in one spot!

Here are 34 Christmas recipes that are gluten-free with some grain-free and vegan options.

new gluten-free healthy christmas recipe collection

We hope you get some Christmas inspiration in the kitchen.

Let’s begin…

chocolate pumpkin glaze vegan donuts

grain-free pumpkin bread pudding

pumpkin pancakes

pumpkin pecan glazed donut

cookie crisp cereal

cinnamon toast crunch cereal

healthy protein andes thin mints

homemade andes mints

roll out sugar cookies

protein pumpkin pie chocolate chip fudge

homemade pumpkin pie fudge

chocolate pistachio coconut nut butter

peppermint candy cane marshmallows

pumpkin pie marshmallows

chocolate pumpkin pie fudge pieces

chocolate chip pumpkin blondies

apple pie parfaits

raw apple pumpkin upside down cake

cinnamon toast crunch cereal pumpkin pie or even our traditional baked vegan pumpkin pie recipe

raw apple pumpkin pie parfait

peppermint coconut chocolate dipped  snowflake macaroons

raw mini triple chocolate cream cakes

sprinkles peppermint cream cake

triple layered peppermint cream cake

grain-free hemp protein peppermint brownie bars

broccoli breadsticks

creamy dairy-free broccoli casserole

plantain bread based stuffing 

roasted squash mushroom quiche (vegan)

grain-free pumpkin bread

grain-free vegan chia seed pumpkin blondies

raw candy cane macaroons

cocoa gingerbread quickbread

spice dough truffles with carob glaze

and to make great sandwich bread for making leftover turkey sandwiches with…

plantain bread of course

Happy Holiday baking and un-baking!

Seeing all these recipes brings back so many wonderful memories. And making us hungry ;)

Are you making anything NEW this Christmas?


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  1. michelle says

    Yum! Feeling inspired to get moving on some holiday treats…that I really can’t even feel bad about!:) Love your recipes so much!

    • says

      tough ;) top 3?! well, can never go wrong with raw cheesecakes, so any of ours would be good. our pumpkin fudge and the protein pumpkin fudge are easy and tasty! and can never go wrong with peppermint brownies :) hugs

  2. zuzigettingfit says

    OMG! Thank you so much Lori & Michelle! Can’t wait to try the sugar cookies! Thank you so much for your hard work and great ideas! you girls are very inspiring!

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