No regrets 18 minute plank workout

Hey Purely Fitters,

It’s Move-it-Monday!

And boy do we have a killer ab upper body workout for you.  Yep… it’s plank based. Get ready to work your core!

18 minute plank workout Purely Fit Life workout #40

no regrets plank workout

One of the best ways to work the core is from all angles. And this workout does just that from plank hip rotations to jumping in and out to cross overs.

Your abs will be screaming by the second exercise. Even though this workout is core focused your whole body will be shaking.

If you are looking for a great workout to help strengthen and flatten your waistline do this workout.

get ready for 18 minute plank workout

A little workout that delivers a powerful punch!  Are you ready for 18 minutes of twisting, holding, jumping, and rotating?

twins planking

Let’s plank together. Time to push in this workout to get the most out of it.  One plank at a time ;)

Here is the workout breakdown:

18 minute plank workout #purelyfitlfie 40 Purelytwins

no regret plank workout  (click for printable)

We suggest:

  • A-fits (advanced peeps) :  Push yourself hard in each 20 second interval. Go deep in each exercise.
  • B-fits (beginner peeps):  Go at a slower speed, take breaks when needed. Do little movements when rotating. And don’t go as deep in the knee to elbow hold, just bring your leg up as close as you can to your elbow.  You can also try doing an interval of 4 rounds of 20 sec rest – 10 sec work and build you way up to the full interval.

Now get warmed up and come sweat it out with us in real time.


no regrets of who you are quote

Don’t regret anything, cause in the end, it makes you who you are!  We try not to look at things as regrets. Oh we regret doing that. Oh we regret eating that.  Instead we realize to let it go and it was a great lesson learned. It is what it is. Life is too short to hold back and have regrets.

And especially with workouts – you’ll never regret a great workout!! Promise!

Grab yourself a NO REGRET tank here.

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two core moves

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Also, we wanted to say HELLO to all of our new purely fitters! Thanks for your support…time to become purely fit in all parts of life.

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 Twins Question: What is your favorite ab exercise? Do you like to plank?

We are off to go do our workout! Filming a new move-it-monday workout! Hope you have a killer workout today. Check out our new fitness page!  .


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Share your PURELY thoughts below.

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  1. says

    eeek this looks like it would hurt so much haha! i’ve been doing my planks for the 30 day challenge and i’m up to 1 min now and my whole body shakes towards the end haha. i expect that to continue. my favorite ab move is a lower leg terminal raise and reverse crunch.

  2. sarah says

    Ohmygosh I can’t wait to try this.
    I just did your 8 min plank workout for the 1st time this past weekend… It was so freaking challenging. Haha but I loved it too of course.
    I’m so jealous of your two’s planking skillz.

    ( As a side note: when I was writing out the 8 min plank routine out to take with me to the gym, I noticed the mtn climbers exercise is missing from that post. At least I think it is anyway lol :), just a heads up).

  3. says

    THIS workout is literally my favorite. It’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a very long time and should honestly be titled, Test Of Willpower Workout- it’s HARD. It just keeps going and going. Good news: my lats are sore each time I do this one, which is saying something! It’s the hardest body part for me to actually work.

    THANK YOU! (did this workout THEN the 21 Min Core Cardio workout… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy it hurts so good!
    (what runs) Lori recently posted..(Body) Fat Loss RecipesMy Profile


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