Vlog 2: thoughts on using vitex and estroblock

Howdy luvs,

The other day we filmed a quick vlog answering some questions. And Jax makes an appearance.

jax and twins

We frequently get asked about our thoughts on vitex and estroblock, which we share thoughts about these two supplements.  Make sure you watch until the end as we have a little bonus clip discussing anxiety towards meal times.

Hope you enjoy the video! And if you have any more questions regarding vitex and estroblock just leave a comment and we will reply ;)

Check out my post on how to start to heal acne  and more of my acne journey here.

coffee talk

And we just had to share this picture too as Jax is too funny!! Guess he is sad he gets no coffee haha  Silly dog.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!


  1. michelle says

    I bought that same vitex about a week ago! Hoping that it gives me periods and fixes my hormones too! You girls give me hope:)

  2. says

    I’m so glad Vitex works so well for you. There is a lot of research to support it’s use with both PCOS and acne. It helps support progesterone levels, lengthening the luteal phase. Women with longer phases usually have low estrogen, especially when body fat is on the lower side. Have you had your levels checked via saliva or blood? PCOS & Acne can also be related to an imbalance when estrogen is low….It’s great that estroblok has worked so well for you but as a natural practitioner, I always recommend checking your hormone levels before starting any supplements that affect our delicate and most precious hormonal balances. Just some food for thought :)
    Meg recently posted..How to eat Paleo during Pregnancy: A guide to every trimesterMy Profile

      • Monika says

        Yay, it works! Must’ve been the phone :) You girls are great. Thanks for doing this vlog. I have been debating on starting Vitex/Chasteberry for months now for my semi-short LP and other low progesterone issues. I’ll have to look for it! -Monika @crunchynurse

  3. zosia says

    I’m confused as to the estroblock. Hypothalmic amenorrhea is NOT a estrogen-dominant condition. Why would anyone with HA want to “block” estrogen when your body is LOW in estrogen?

    Also, you wrote you don’t consume flax…but this is also helpful for HA.

    Sexy Hormones by Lorna Vanderhaege…HIGHLY recommended.

    All the best.

    • purelytwins says

      well estroblock focuses on helping in getting rid of the bad estroblock and promoting more good estroblock. We don’t have hypothlamic amenorrhea and have issues with hormonal acne from estrogen-dominance so the estroblock really helps! I found that flax only made my acne worse, but everyone is different.

      • zosia says

        I could’ve sworn there was talk about you ladies having HA. Sorry about that!

        I’ve tried Vitex as well…and it hasn’t worked for me. (It’s possible that the weight issue is what is really behind it…) In any case, I wish you all the very best with your hormone journey. Thanks for sharing with us all this information.

        • purelytwins says

          no worries, we mentioned before that we thought we could have HA but not sure. For Vitex it took a good 4 months of taking it before we started it working for us. We wish you all the best too with your journey, hopefully you can find relief soon. hugs

  4. Cassandra says

    Thank you for this, ladies! I just saw a holistic dermatologist who recommended Vitex & maca for me – hoping it works for me too!

  5. Mel says

    Hi there!

    I have hormonal acne, A lot of cysts and facial hair around the chin and it has come in the last months extreme, I am going to be checked this week for PCOS, My doctor wants me to be checked for my thyroid and a physical exam to see but I am assuming she will be checking for PCOs, I have come across it recently and I am scared regarding the results and I will be ordering “Estro Block” to help with my acne but I was wondering if you could give me an advice on what to take to remove facial hair?! please if you could write back that would be wonderful!

  6. Chantel says

    Hello, I don’t take vitex but I do take regular strength estroblock and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything kind of seems to be making little pimples pop up on my chest and face is that normal or is there a period that you guys went through a detoxifying period?

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