Our ultimate s’mores cookbook is for sale!

HELLLLLOOOO luvs!!! We are beyond thrilled to finally be able to SHARE with YOU our second e-cookbook!

Never too old for S’mores is the name of our second cookbook.

cookbook front cover Because really… we are never too old for a sweet s’more, right?. And this cookbook is filled with not your average s’mores. Nope. We took some of our favorite desserts and made them s’mores flavor!

After several months of planning the whole book out. Making all the recipes. Taste testing (the hard part ;) ). Cleaning all the piles of dirty dishes. Photograph all the recipes. Edit the pictures. Design the layout of the book. Edit the book. And put it all together. Do all the behind the scenes.

purelytwins for cookbook

We’ve been working really hard to get this cookbook ready for you! Our hearts and souls are in this book. We really tried to make each recipe easy to make and unique in it’s own way. We really hope you like the recipes!

In the S’mores dessert cookbook everything is gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free and dairy-free. With majority of the recipes being grain-free and paleo friendly. There is of course a mix of raw and baked treats.

There are 18 mouth-watering recipes so everyone in your family will find a recipe they love!

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Really an upgraded S’MORES recipe for anyone to enjoy. Chocolate. Graham cracker (which we made protein graham crackers). Marshmallows (we provide a few variations). What is not to love?

Here are some of the recipes you will see in this s’mores cookbook:

banana creame cup blog posts

S’mores banana creme cups.

brownie layered cake

Baked triple layer s’mores cake.

cheesecake extra

Raw s’mores cheesecake.

smores pizza 1

S’mores pizza.

raw layered cake

Raw layered s’mores cake. Each recipe comes with a full page colored photo.

We have clickable links for those viewing it on your computer, iPhone or ipad making it easy to find things and follow us.

back cover Grab your S’mores dessert cookbook here.  For A LIMITED TIME offering a 25% off sale  - (THIS LAUNCH SALE IS OVER)  Add to Cart

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We appreciate the support!!

Please share this with family and friends as we all deserve a special treat ;)

Love Lori and Michelle

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37 Responses to Our ultimate s’mores cookbook is for sale!

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh man, everything looks amazing!
    Congrats on the new cookbook ladies!!!<3

  2. Congrats you two! How exciting and fun. S’mores are just insane and you make me want to drop everything and make all of these. You have amazing ideas here! I also have a s’mores recipe that I adore.
    I hope to make these, order your book, and spread the word! :) xx

  3. Brooke says:

    Ladies – can I pay using a CC instead of PayPal? I would love to buy it today and also get the discount. Thanks for any help you can give me!

    • purelytwins says:

      Brooke, you don’t have to have a paypal account to purchase, there should be a screen where it allows you to pay without an account, and you just fill in CC info. let us know if you have more questions ;)

  4. you guys are so great, I cant wait to check this out!

  5. Karen says:

    Looks lovely – we don’t have s’mores in the UK where I’m based. What are they? They look amazing whatever a s’mores is!

  6. Kristine says:

    Random question, is this a digital format? I love having the first book on my kindle

  7. Nancy A. says:

    Is this an e-book? And, I don’t have a paypal account. Didn’t know if I could buy it or not and if it was a regular book or one on the computer. Thank you for your time!

    • purelytwins says:

      It is a digital PDF e-cookbook. You don’t have to have a paypal account to purchase, there should be a way to put in CC info without having an account. We hope to have a hardcopy – printed version soon.

      • Brooke says:

        For some reason I am having a difficult time understanding how to use a CC. If you don’t have a PayPal account it just asks you to make one. I will keep clicking around to see if I find another way!

        • purelytwins says:

          we believe once you hit checkout with Paypal that next screen shows your shopping cart with our PT logo in the left corner, and then it shows on the right side of the screen Choose a way to pay – either sign in or click where it says don’t have a paypal account (and then it should allow you to put in your CC info). Hope this helps :)
          Sorry for the trouble

  8. Congratulations, ladies! The pictures (of you and the food) are gorgeous, and I love the title!

  9. I remember when I used to eat sugar and such and we would make SMORES. I loved to make them, but I never ate them. I never liked the combo all together, I just liked the marshmallows or the graham crackers by themselves – ha!

  10. THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! You girls are so talented!! CONGRATS! <3 <3 <3

  11. Chelsea says:

    Just purchased your new book! Can’t wait to get in the kitchen. :-)

  12. Congratulations on your second cookbook ladies! This looks amazing!! Seriously incredible.

  13. I’v already downloaded the book and looked through once, now I’m just going through again to try to decide what to make first! Too many wonderful choices! Great job, ladies

  14. Sharon says:

    The book looks great! Will it eventually be available as a regular book like your first one? I prefer real books to ebooks.

  15. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMINESS!

  16. Morgan says:

    I got my copy last night and my husband and I just drooled over it. He told me your recipes have brought so much joy to his life, he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out even though he has a restrictive diet. I think he tells everyone we meet about plantain bread! I made the chocolate covered cookies this morning, I added some freshly ground coffee to the cookie batter, they are pretty magical. Thank you for all of the great recipes my family appreciates them greatly.

    • purelytwins says:

      Morgan hugs to you and your husband!!! this brought a BIG smile to our faces :) thank you for you support and glad you guys are loving the recipes.

  17. Chris M. says:

    What a beautiful book! I flipped through it and can’t wait to start making these recipes. Great work!!!

  18. Congrats, ladies! that is SO exciting! You girls are so awesome :) And who doesn’t love s’mores?

  19. Malvin says:

    I just made Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies yesterday and they are amazing!! I think they’re even one of the best desserts I’ve ever made! The marshmallow yogurt creme recipe alone is incredible so now I have that difficult task to decide which recipe to try out next – so many options…

  20. Anna Crouch says:

    Everything looks great! Congrats!

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