tahini sandwich

Hello friends,

Yes we are still on a plantain love obsession.  #plantainqueens

And last week we enjoyed another simple plantain bread sandwich — this time with a few more of our favorites.

Let’s get to building this ‘simple’ sandwich… shall we begin?

First you need plantain bread. Check!

tahini plantain bread

Second you need a layer of tahini. Check!

Lots of tahini. Double check!

Even better mix tahini with banana and favorite protein powder. Check.

tahini plantain with cacao nibs

Third sprinkle with cacao nibs. Check!

yummy plantain tahini cacao nibs

And you have one good looking sandwich ;)

Tahini cacao nib plantain sandwich.

You could use any topping you desire. We love tahini, bananas, and wanted a little more protein, so that is why we topped our sandwich with this stellar combo.

stacked plantain tahini bread

Enjoy! :)

See how to make the plantain bread here in this video.


Now onto shout outs from all of YOU!

food inspiration

purelytwins recipes

plantain love


Seriously love seeing so many of you enjoy our recipes –> even more excited to see PLANTAIN love everywhere!

We joke around that in our area alone we have probably increased plantain sales over 100% haha. Not sure how long our love of them will last, but for now it is our favorite carb source! Again like we mentioned in our video, plantains are our “oatmeal” “bread” “sweet potato” or whatever other carb source out there. Not sure why people give us problems because we eat them so much. Why is it any different than someone having cereal or oatmeal every morning?

Anyways, thanks again for spreading the PLANTAIN love! xoxo

And a BIG thank you for all the sweet and supportive words yesterday (and thank you to all of the tweets and facebook comments as well!!)


Twins Question – Quickly answer:

1 – vanilla or chocolate

2- sweet or savory

3 – hot or cold

4 – coffee or tea

5 – summer or winter

Answer these without really thinking — a something a little fun this Wednesday ;)

till next time,

Lori and Michelle


  1. Sara says

    I cant get enough plantains lately! 2-3 on a daily basis..who cares?! So glad you girls turned your readers on to these lovelies! As for the questions I will go with vanilla sweet hot coffee and summer :)

  2. zosia says

    hey!! First off – thank you for the HA update. I love that you girls are so open and willing to share.

    Second – some people believe that eating the same thing over and over can cause food “intolerances”. Is this something you have considered with respect to the plantains or do you not buy into that line of thinking? (it doesn’t seem you do!)

    Third – thank you for opening my eyes to a new food (actually to many new things)

    All the best and take good care.

    • purelytwins says

      Zosia great question. We have read about rotation diets, and it does work for some and not others. A few years ago when we first battle candida we did a rotational diet and over time stopped worrying about it too much. Honestly not sure where we stand, as we know our bodies like certain foods so we stick with them.

  3. says

    you girls have me HOOKED on plantains. but i’m totally ok with that! i am also really wanting to try your tahini/protein mix, but dang tahini is expensive and i don’t want to buy a whole jar and not like it.
    #poorgirlproblems. i wish they had little packets of tahini like they do of some nut butters. one of these days though i will break and try it!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirlMy Profile

    • purelytwins says

      yay for more plantain love xoxo

      yes tahini and nut butters can be expensive that is why we rarely buy them haha, and make things ourselves ;)

  4. amanda jewell says

    Winning combination as usual!

    If anyone gives you ladies grief about your plantain consumption, they clearly are just jealous people who can’t find plantains at their local markets.

    And as for the questions:

    1-Chocolate (always and FOREVER),
    2- Currently savory (typically sweet though),
    3- Cold (i love winter and cold fruit and dairy free ice cream),
    4- Coffee (see Chocolate.. hahaha)
    5- Winter (I love the holidays, bringing family together, snow, boots, and squashes)

    (most of my answers begin with a “C” … i wonder if that means anything? i’m wicked cool? :-)

  5. Elisabeth says

    My picks are chocolate, savory, hot, tea, and summer. I love the tahini sandwich by the way; it’s like an upscale PB and J! Also, I did some plantain recipe searching on the Internet the other day, and I saw something for plantain tortillas. They were raw and vegan, and I found them on a website called Sacred Source Nutrition. I would love to make them, but they require a dehydrator, which I don’t have. If you try them, let me know how they turn out, though!

  6. Kat says

    Some people will be haters, just brush off the negativity… Chocolate, sweet and savory, hot, coffee, summer!

  7. says


    I tried the plantain bread after you posted the original recipe. And now I cannot stop making and eating it! It is so simple, and so yummy! Thanks for sharing!


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