video of how we make homemade marshmallows

Hello luvs,

This a way over due post and video, but we finally got around to filming us making marshmallows due to many requests!

Time to learn how we make our homemade marshmallows!

how to make homemade marshmallows purelytwins

We love our marshmallows!

They are FUN to make too! Hope you guys enjoy the video.

mmm, nothing beats homemade marshmallows!

Click here to see how we make sugar-free low calorie marshmallows.

easy homemade marshmallow recipe

A simple low sugar recipe for marshmallow using grass-fed gelatin (from Great Lakes).


  • 1 cup water
  • 3 tbsp gelatin
  • 2-3 tbsp maple syrup


  1. Place 1/2 cup water with 3 tablespoons gelatin into bowl. Mix till combined. Let sit for about 10 minutes.
  2. Heat up 1/2 cup water with maple syrup. Heat on medium heat until you see bubbles.
  3. Pour hot mix into gelatin and mix together. Start on slow speed and move up to a faster speed. Beat for 8-10 minutes. The marshmallows should start to come together.
  4. Pour marshmallow batter into a pan, we use a bread load. Let sit for a few hours or overnight.

A few notes about making marshmallows:

  • If using stevia you will have to beat the marshmallows longer – for about 10-14 minutes.
  • If using maple syrup or honey the beating time will be less – around 8-10 minutes.
  • These times are based upon our recipes!!  Keep in mind the beating times can vary based upon how hot you water is. 

Also, as you can see our recipe does not use a lot of sugar like you may see in other marshmallow recipes! But we feel these are just as amazing without all that sugar.


plain marshmallow

Once you’ve made them a few times we promise you will get the hang of it. You can really flavor marshmallows anyway you like. There are no limits to making homemade marshmallows.

One common question we have received about making marshmallows is what does it mean when you get the fluff on top but gummy layer on the bottom.

We think there are a few reasons for this happening:

  • water maple was not hot enough
  • gelatin and water did not sit long enough
  • did not beat the marshmallows long enough

homemade marshmallows purelytwins

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Pumpkin pie marshmallows

Now go make some marshmallows!!

Twins Question: Do you like marshmallows? Ever make them?

One last thing, the gelatin we use is from Amazon – Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin Kosher. It is in a orange container. They do have another kind in the green container, which we have ordred to try out when we want gelatin but don’t want marshmallows or our thick gelatin mush.

Till next time,

Lori and Michelle

Peppermint marshmallows




    • purelytwins says

      thanks McKel, we struggled at first, but now after making them a million times we think we have the hang of it ;)

  1. Steph says

    Hey Guys,

    This is great but the only thing is that Gelatin contains MSG so not sure it’s really a great idea. MSG is like a slow poison, it is in so many foods and unless people are careful, it can be hard to avoid.


    • zosia says

      An excerpt:
      Gelatin has no MSG.

      Gelatin is hot water soluble protein extracted from collagen. Individual collagen monomeric proteins have molecular weights of between 95,000 and 125,000 Daltons. These proteins assemble into fibers which are massive aggregates and do not have a defined molecular weights. To make gelatin, collagen rich materials (mostly bovine hide or porcine skins) are cleaned and treated with dilute alkaline, or acid and heat to denature (untangle) the collagen into hot water-soluble proteins. The extract is purified and dried to form the gelatin powder. Essentially, gelatin is thermally denatured (melted) form of collagen that makes the proteins soluble in hot water. Collagen and by inference the gelatin proteins contains approximately 11% glutamic acid as part of the protein chains (not free glutamate). As a matter of fact, gelatin is rather low in glutamic acid content compared with other common food proteins. The grams of bound glutamic acid (not free) per 100 grams total protein in common foods are given in Table 1 below.

  2. zosia says

    I always get a thin layer or ‘gel’ at the bottom of my marshmallows…Any idea why this may be?


  3. K says

    Thanks for the video! I’ve made your sugar free marshmallows, but they’re never as firm as how the ones in your video turned out. Why? If I leave them in an airtight container over a couple of days, they get liquidy! What should I do?

    • purelytwins says

      its because with using maple syrup there is more in the marshmallow so they stay firmer, if you use the stevia based ones there really is nothing there but the gelatin and water, so less ‘substance’, hope that makes since! keep them stored in the fridge to prevent getting soft!

  4. Sylvie says

    I can’t find or see the video for the recipe. I tried to make it but it did not turn out so I would really like to see the video.

    You guys are so cute and love to follow your story especially because I’m going through the exact same symptoms, maybe were triplets!!!

  5. Hannah says

    Awesome video ladies!!! I have made them twice now and they seem to be good at first but then after a few days its like the maple syrup is melting out of them. The first batch i made they were really gummy then the second was a little more firm but still the maple syrup starts to melt out and make them sticky. I still end up eating them cause they are simply scrumptious but it would be nice not to have to devour them in 3 days. Could it be from beating them too long or getting the maple syrup too hot?

  6. Heather says

    I just made my second batch. I’m healing my gut and trying to gain healthy weight as through being ill and poor digestion I lost weight as an athletic background, it is very difficult. You two have helped me so much and I Love that now I don’t feel deprived for a sweet gut healthy treat. I made kombucha gelatin gummies, and my new recipe to marshmallows this week is licorice mint tea lightly stevia sweetened fluffyness, and a green tea, passionflower dusted cinnamon. I’m excited and in love with gelatin! I do your plank videos and love it as planks are the best core workout and incorporate so much for the whole body! Thanks so much for the inspiration and I would love to meet you someday!Keep rocking the LOVE you give and very grateful for people like you who just want to help others live a healthy abundant life.

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