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Howdy friends!

Keep those jewelry $50 gift card giveaway entries coming. We are loving the words you guys are thinking of!

We have been busy over here with planning and filming (and editing) workout videos for our Purely Fitters (like the new name, Lori thought of it haha).Plus keeping up with Purely Talk videos. Crazy how much time it takes to do videos. We knew it would be a lot of work but did not realize how time consuming videos making and editing can be.


Tues July 2 workout #purelyfitlife

Love waking up being to wake up and get a good sweat in! Legs were burning.

Remember to keep going! Keep working hard in your workouts. Each one will become easier as you become stronger.


purely eats logo-01

Some highlights of what we have been up to.


We are enjoying our fruit-free green juices.


Monday’s lunch was some raw zucchini with duck egg, fresh figs, plantain and arugula with coconut oil.

salmon plantain avocado dinner

Lovely dinner outside.

We have been enjoying plantains all the time now, and we have a new way we have been enjoying them. Recipe coming soon!


We are starting to make marshmallows again. We just got lazy and stopped making them. We are happy to have them back.

snack grahman cracker

Snacked on some new recipes.

loris dinner

m dinner

Last night’s dinner was sautéed swiss chard, turnips, avocado and our homemade beef liver meatballs. And sea salt. YUM.

Okay so let’s get to the fixing the leak talk shall we.

As you all know we both are still struggling with some health issues (mainly skin issues). What we have concluded, from all our readings and research,  is that when you have eczema (plus other skin conditions) it is considered an autoimmune disease.

Although many doctors won’t put it them into that category. Lori is still having bad hormonal acne (which again leads back to the gut–> leaky gut does affect hormones). So we are thinking of changing up our eats just a tad to focus on healing our leaking gut some more.

Even though our 30 day gut healing journey went well and we feel it really jump started our healing. We realized we still have a long healing journey to do…since our skin is still giving us signs! As we keep mentioning here, healing takes time. And we have realized we might need more time.

After reading this acne healing article again (sometimes reading articles for a second time really helps us see something we might have overlooked before). Our focus is fixing that leaky gut more! All this gut talk really starts to make sense. It helps to re-read things over, especially as our body changes we have to adapt and change with it.

The body is an amazing thing. It provides us with signs all the time. We just have to have the strength, courage and patience to listen, change, and take action!

We are not doing anything crazy with our eats, just some minor changes.  We will continue to share our eats, just not going to show everything since many of our eats are the same over and over.  And we don’t want to bore you guys.

Okay enough gut talk!

Wishing you all a happy blessed day!


Lori and Michelle






  1. zosia says

    I know this comment won’t make much sense…
    but I’ve been trying this that and the other to heal my body…but I am not moving forward. I think I need to start fresh.

    Can you recommend somewhere to start?
    I have a broken metabolism, hypothalmuic amenorrhea, and multiple food sensitivities…

    Maybe a book that really jump started things for you? or a website that really turned things around?

    I follow you girls daily and seem to be on a similar journey…I just need a starting point.

    All the best <3

    • purelytwins says

      Zosia sorry to hear that you are struggling in your healing journey. We know your pain and frustration to want to get better. We really like Chris Kresser and for some great websites with a lot of good information. A good starting point (kinda what we are going to try) is going back to keeping things simple, focus on real foods as much as possible, eat lots of healthy fats, have more bone broth. Need to really focus on healing your gut – take digestive enzymes at each meal and HCL for low stomach acid. Try to eat more calories and balanced meals. Keep stress low!!! Focus on rebalancing your hormones (Lori is doing the same). And to help with hormones Lori really liked this site and book

      We hope this helps! Keep us updated :) HUGS

  2. says

    All your eats look awesome, as usual. I’m hoping to pick up some plantains today!
    Totally understandable that you’d like to go back and look at your diet and fix the leaky gut. That thing can be frustrating to finally heal, but you girls have been doing great so far. Sometimes, it just takes some readjustment of things.
    Hope this helps for you!
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday – Meal TimesMy Profile

  3. says

    I’m also dealing with a leaky gut and you girls are such an inspiration! Due to leaky gut I suffer from multiple autoimmune illnesses. I’ve researched a lot and basically learned what works for me through trial and error. I’ve recently read the perfect health diet, wichh I def reccomend and I noticed a noticble diffence in my energy and pain levels since adding in more safe starches such as white rice, plantains, sweet potatoes, etc. My hormones seem more stable now. I’m sorry for the spelling errors! Typing on my tablet doesn’t work so well. Lol. Keep up the good work!
    Danielle recently posted..Hemp bagels and processed foodMy Profile

    • purelytwins says

      thanks Danielle and yay for finding foods that are working for your body! We have noticed by us eating more white rice and plantains has really helped us too, but still have a few issues so might have to look deeper and play around with more things until we figure our issues ;) thanks for the support!!

  4. Lola C. says

    Thank you for the link! It is good to get reminded what I can do for inflammatory skin issues – scalp dermatitis and some eczema underneath my right eyebrow (random, I know!)

    On that note, if you guys are planning on doing another gut-skin healing protocol. As a reader, I would be happy to do it right along with you! :)

  5. says

    Hey girls! Love the fact that you two are always so positive and up for trying new things when you are still struggling with the same stuff. Thanks for inspiring all of us to eat healthier and get moving! We are all so unique and it takes experimentation and knowing your body to really feel you best, and you two are always advocating that. So thanks. And good luck with the new changes you will soon be making.

  6. says

    oh my gosh craziness I have been meaning to run this idea by you!! I noticed a crazy trend that when I would travel my skin cleared up, so I started using the purified water from our kitchen instead of just tap water and my skin cleared up in just a few days. I wonder if it has to do with my body being sensitive to everything right now, but anyways thought it was worth passing on since I know my digestion is still in the works but this helped!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..Spicy Red Lentil DipMy Profile

    • purelytwins says

      thanks girl for sharing this, we will have to try out using different waters!! great idea :) HUGS

  7. says

    I am so glad your guts are feeling better! Good for you ;) It’s very inspirational to hear your success stories. I love your dinner! Swiss chard and avocado are two of my favorites! Have you ever experimented with veganism or vegetarianism? I’m thinking of doing a little vegetarian experiment and I wanted to know if you could give me any advice.
    Maggie @ Sunnyside Up Smile recently posted..Adventures in the City that Never SleepsMy Profile

    • purelytwins says

      Maggie yes we were raw -vegans for about 3-4 years a few years ago, it went well at the beginning but the longer we were on it the more problems we face and now facing to heal. We know it works for some, but for us it was not the answer. We do like eating sometimes that way from time to time but not all the time. Good luck with your experiment :) xoxo

  8. says

    This is definitely an interesting read! I didn’t have acne problems until I turned about 22 (post college) and have had eczema growing up since I was a toddler, and was also diagnosed with IBS (finally, even though it almost means nothing) during college.
    Sheena recently posted..Bay Area love … and patience.My Profile

  9. says

    I am so grateful that my naturopath suggested we focus more on gut healing and steered away from focusing solely on hormones. I definitely believe they are related. So much to think about and incorporate, but through it all it more about listening to what our bodies are telling us. There are a few things I’d like to play around with as well, this gave me the kick in the butt to email my ND and hopefully get the go ahead to add a few things like white rice, I’d love to start making rice congee again to continue healing the gut! LOVE you girls, thanks for sharing your update! xoxo
    Christa @ Edible Balance recently posted..Back to routine… a few updates and #WIAW!My Profile

  10. says

    Your fod seriously looks so delicious and inspires me to cook up clean meals!!
    I now how long and sometimes frustrating a healing process can be, I just went off laxatives and it takes a lot of patience and sensitivity with my body to heal. Yet, out bodies are amazing, they WILL heal!

  11. says

    My holistic doctor and I were just talking about this the other day! I am being watched for lupus… also an autoimmune issue. Decreasing inflammation is key… as you know. Supplementing with turmeric is a HUGE anti-inflammatory and it decreased my inflammation significantly on my blood work. xoxo
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..WIAW: Pass the Hot SauceMy Profile

  12. says

    Hey ladies!! I feel ya! Guess what? I took my last hormonal birth control two days ago. My doc wanted me to go off of it to help me heal my gut. I’m scared. I know my acne will come back (and I don’t want to get preggers!!), but I have to have faith that when my gut heals, my acne will too. Thanks for the Chris Kresser podcast link. I love him! Listening to him now while I’m making my breakfast. Have you guys considered that you might have a SIBO issue yet? I know that there is a link between SIBO and acne. Anyway, you know you two aren’t alone in this gut healing journey. :)
    Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete recently posted..Riding to CastrovilleMy Profile

    • purelytwins says

      Nicole yes during our gut healing we talked a lot about SIBO and fructose malabsorption, so it is in the back of our mind. You can get tested for it. Best of luck on your journey! Going off the pill does not necessarily mean you will get pregnant, there is always a change. But other factors like ovulation and all. If worried about it we recommend reading some books about natural ways to monitor your cycle.

  13. DAG says

    Just out of curiosity, do you guys count calories or write down macros you’re eating for a day? I wonder if eating a bit more would help?

    • purelytwins says

      DAG sometimes, we do not stress over calories. Based on a lot of research we do not need to when eating real whole foods. And we eat when hungry, we never not eat. We eat plenty! Not everything is shown up the blog. But thanks for checking.

  14. says

    Guys, I have been suffering from acne for year until I came across this: after cleaning your face in the evening, apply a thin layer of organic apple cider vinegar on your face and let it dry. You will become a bit red, the smell however dissolves pretty quickly. After the ACV has dried, apply your face cream as usual. Done.

    After a week or so of my ACV tonic I got rid of my acne – for good. And this is after years of having tried so many things that just didn’t work.

    • purelytwins says

      Wroni thank you for sharing we used to do ACV on skin and forgot about it haha, we will try it out again. Glad to hear your skin is well

  15. barb says

    My excema is finally healing!! I wanted to share my story with you guys since I’ve been following you for years and years.. After years with excema spreading from hands on to legs, I finally consulted a naturopath. She said that ALL skin issues and allergies come from the gut, and yes, that leaky gut causes excema and a host of other autoimmune diseases and food allergies. She said that from her research that 97% of all people have leaky gut in some form. She seems to be quite the expert on excema, and she said that absolutely she can heal it, as she has had amazing success with her clients, as well as herself. People with excema over their whole bodies. She said that stress can really push it over the edge, and candida as well, plus other things too, but its pretty hard to heal with without the proper gut healing formulas. I started taking strong probiotics with every meal, along with a leaky gut healing formula called Intestamine, as well as Betaine HCL with every meal as well as upping my fish and coconut oils etc. Now, I’ve always had a sparkling clean diet, because of all my food allergies, but now its really really clean!! On my last visit she tested my gut (muscle testing) as 70% healed!!! Finally. And my excema is already soooo much better. She also talked about people who have had a lot of cavities – like myself…that’s from the leaky gut not absorbing minerals. I know. Who knew. Shes said you can tell if you need Betaine HCL to help digestion if you have ridges on your nails – that means low HCL. I will report back in a month, but wanted to share that all skin allergies are absolutely curable according to my new Naturopathic gal. OH! Also wanted to mention how important muscle testing is, cause some people can be quite fine with one food and for others it can be a deal breaker. And its quite and easy too. Saves a lot of grief and time. She said no sweet potatoes or pumpkin or anything too starchy. Yikes. But, its working so who am I to complain.

    I also wanted to thank you for the gelatin idea….looks like that is helping too. This info is not new to you guys obviously, but still, its always good to hear of successes..

  16. barb says

    Also wanted to mention that skin issues cannot heal unless the liver meridian is strong and balanced according to my energy medicine gal.. Also the large intestine meridian as well for the leaky gut thing. My energy practitioner has explained that the liver meridian gets very unhappy sometimes and when its unhappy it shows up on the skin. She does Touch for Health and One Brain kinesiology to get them back into strong shape. And of course if the large intestine meridian is weak and unhappy the gut can never heal properly. Just another aspect of this whole thing I wanted to share. Getting a biokinesiology balance is fun and easy though, if one can find a good practitioner.

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