$50 jewelry gift card giveaway

Hello friends!

Where did June go? Seriously we feel the older we get the faster life goes by. Anyone else?

Do you remember when we shared us wearing new jewelry?

Today we have an AWESOME giveaway for you guys from Lisa Leonard Designs team.

Keep reading to see the details.

necklace 1

The very talented Lisa with LisaLeonardonline designs asked if we would like to review one of her necklaces and bracelets, and do a giveaway for one of our lucky readers. We were honored. And have been loving them. We follow Lisa on instagram and her blog, and we get so inspired from her! She is an amazing lady and we are thrilled to be able to wear her beautiful jewelry!!

Seriously she is so talented!


She had SOOOO many amazing jewelry to pick from. We had a hard time picking as we wanted them all :)

lisa designs jewelry

We decided on the devoted bracelet and word of the year inspired necklace. Inspire is one of those words that means so much to us!

necklace 2

And with this bracelet we were able to put a custom tag on the back. Love that!

We chose to write the word BELIEVE!!

Believe is such a powerful word for us and to be able to wear something that says it everyday inspires us more! Pushes us more to continue to believe and work towards our goals.

bracelet details

In love with this jewelry!

michelle with bracelet

lori with necklace

When we wear this jewelry, we feel it gives us that little something special to make complete our outfits :)


One lucky reader will get a $50 giftcard to use on Lisa’s website to get any piece of jewelry.

How to enter?

1 – Leave a comment below sharing – One word that you would put on a piece of jewelry – that one word that means a lot to you!

Bonus entries-

Twitter to this giveaway and leave a comment letting us know you did.

Here is your tweetable- I want to win the $50 giftcard from @purelytwins and @lisaleonard. My word is _____.

Click here to tweet.

givewaway purelytwins lisaleonard jewerly

Share this picture on instagram tagging @purelylori @purelymichelle @lisaleonard :) or tag on facebook @purelytwins and @lisaleonarddesigns

Giveaway ends Thursday (July 4), we will announce the winner Friday morning (July 5)

Cannot wait to see what words you guys come up with for your jewelry!

till next time 


  1. says

    I would put hope- I have had a lot of disappointments this year with infertility, and I still have a lot of hope every day! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  2. zosia says

    Thank you for doing such a cool giveaway! Lisa’s jewellery is so nice, simple, and elegant.

    The word I would put on mine is passion. I never want to lose my passion for life again…

    Have a great day!!!!!

  3. Courtney says

    One word? Yikes! I feel like you ladies just asked me to pick a last meal, or which three items I would choose if I was stranded on an island. I am a girl of too many words, so this was a difficult choice.

    My word is Redeemed.

  4. Amy says


    I have always had a connection to water; it can mean so much and so many different things. I even have a tattoo that says “Be as water.” I would love a piece of jewelry that says “water”, too.

  5. says

    I would put “patience” on a piece of jewelry because I need to practice it more often. And I’m hoping for good things to come. Just waiting. Patiently.

  6. Robyn says

    I’d chose the word HOPE. My husband is going through cancer treatments right now, and without Hope we would have a much harder time emotionally with this battle.

  7. Jo says

    I would choose the word “breathe.” Breathing is not only essential to life, but looking at that word on my wrist every day would remind me to relax and come what may. Sometimes I need reminders like that :)

    Believe is the runner up!

  8. Ashley says

    It was my word for 2013. We all are Queens in our own way and in God’s eyes we just need to start living like it!

  9. Kristine says

    It may sound uber silly but “marinate”… I marinate in the love of my Savior, I marinate in the company of my awesome family and friends, I marinate in my glow after a workout and I marinate in the deliciousness of my food. Odd but seriously and epic word for me :)

  10. Kimberly S says

    I would choose “strength”, because I am fighting Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and drawing my strength through my faith! I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! <3

  11. Crysta says

    The word I would have to choose would be believe as well! beautiful jewelry ladies! I agree it does make you feel a little special to wear cute jewelry with an outfit :)

  12. Amanda says

    “Courageous” Some days we all could use a small reminder that we have exactly what it takes to reach our goals!

  13. dana says

    I guess I would pick faith. Having had a diagnosis first of celiac disease, then hypothyroidism and then 2 times malignant melanoma all within the last 3 years — faith is what gets me up each day… having faith means that I trust it will get better.. even when it doesn’t always feel like it ! faith that there is a power grater than I who will carry me through when I simply cannot!
    love to you sweet twins!

  14. Amanda says

    @Social_Abby: I want to win the $50 giftcard from @purelytwins and @lisaleonard. My word is courageous!

  15. Joyce Fu says

    Confidence. Because I always need a reminder that I have to be confident in myself and my capabilities in order obtain happiness. :) Thank PT! You girls are the best <3

  16. Marie Nielsen says

    My word would be


    It reminds me to be present every day.

    So when things seems kind a hard or the thoughts start to dwell by the past or worry about the future, this would be a great little reminder to take a deep breath, step back and check in with yourself and focus on the particular moment :)

    Marie, Xoxo

  17. Amanda J says

    I would put my name, Amanda. I’ve always liked my name, and it also means worthy of love (something I need to remember).

  18. Julia B says

    First off, thank you both for posting such helpful and inspiring experiences on our blog. I am truly grateful! Second, the word I would choose is Inspire. Inspiring others requires giving of yourself and being humble to either correction or critique. I feel as though it is contagious and healthy for one’s soul. It helps us to also connect with other people in ways that only the heart understands. Thanks!

  19. Sydney says

    ALMA. Meaning soul, in Spanish, the language in which I learned how to love and believe in myself. (: Beautiful jewelry!

  20. harmen says

    Love. i try to remember that in everyone there is the potential to love. Each other, ourselves…etc. Despite everything that goes on in the world, love is always something that survives and carries us through.

  21. sara says

    I would choose “dream”…I think when we stop dreaming, we stop living, so it’s important to always strive for something bigger and better even when things seem bleak (while still being thankful for what we already have).

  22. Katie says


    It is so important to find delight in your life whether it’s work, play or desserts! I find my delight in the outdoors :)

  23. Jasmine says

    I think sometimes we all need a reminder to take a step back
    and just take a breath because everything stressfull
    Will soon pass

  24. Jasmine Hanly says

    Hi thank you for this opportunity :) I would love to win the $50 giftcard from @purelytwins and @lisaleonard. And I would want my word to be: beautiful! Everybody is beautiful in their own special way, its an encouraging word to me, as so many people, young women especially, look past their own beauty and only see there faults. Having a bracelet with beautiful written on would remind me that hey yes I am beautiful in so many ways!
    Jaz! :)

  25. Am says

    I think I would choose the word Fearless. Thank you for the give-away. It was great thinking of what meaningful words are in my life. It is neat reading everybody’s words, too!

  26. says

    If I had to pick a word that would encompass many words…I think I’d choose “forgive”…within it is love, compassion, peace, and so many more things…It also keeps you healthy inside! :)

  27. joanne says

    Love the bracelet! My word would be strong, as I always have to tell myself that I’m stronger than I think I am!

  28. Amanda says

    I like the words you chose. Love, believe and inspire. Dreams would be good on the back of Inspire.

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