making sweet potato flatbread

Hey hey friends!

Who is ready for another busy week? We sure are!

Especially since this is our first week of our Purely Fit Life Program! Everyone who joined we will be checking in with you here soon.

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get things done? Did you spend time with family and friends? Did you do anything new? Did you prep your food for the week?  We did all of that!


going for a sprint

Lori: Got the whole family (gary and jax came with) up early for my Saturday interval sprint/walk. Wore my mermaid raw threads running skirt, which I love. And did 30 second intervals of switching off from walking and sprinting for 10 rounds.

inspirational sprint quote

Michelle: I did the same interval as Lori.

Make every step count! ~ xoxo the twins


purely eats logo-01

more saturday funNot a bad way to start our Saturday morning at purelytwins headquarters ;)

new marshmallow

Love recipe development. We really think you guys are going to love our next little e-cookbook. We have taken most of the pictures and done most of the recipes, just a few left. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

Oh we did enjoy this fun breakfast after we drank a lovely green juice ;) saturday lunch fig bacon

After doing some work it was time to eat again. And since we had such a yummy breakfast we knew our lunch had to be similar. Thank goodness for more plantain bread, figs and bacon!

michelles saturday salmon avocado dinnerDinner for us was a classic – a meal we could eat all the time. Which we probably do hehe.

saturday dinnerSautéed zucchini with spinach and salmon with coconut oil and black lava sea salt. YUM!

ping pongAlso played some ping pong with friends.

layered cake for dessert

For dessert we enjoyed another recipe from our new e-cookbook that we have been working hard on these past few days. Just have the recipe creating bug we guess. We just have so many ideas we just went crazy in the kitchen.

Sunday highlights:
sundays breakfast figs spinach duck egg pancakeSunday we both woke up ready for some protein pancakes.

Of course fresh figs were involved.

michelle protein pancake with figsWe whipped up some perfect fit protein with 2 egg yolks. Just the yolks. We are going to experiment with having just the yolks not the whites of chicken eggs to see if it helps with Michelle’s eczema and Lori’s hormonal acne.

coffeeAfter breakfast it was coffee time.

sweet potato braed

Also wanted to experiment with taking our plantain bread recipe and using sweet potatoes instead. Just in case someone rather have sweet potatoes over plantains. Gary happily enjoyed this and approved it!

What we did for the sweet potato flatbread recipe:

  • about 7 oz of sweet potatoes, skinned
  • 2 whole eggs

Blend in blender. Cook in some coconut oil in a pan in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-22 minutes.

Just as easy as the plantain bread. So happy to see that it works with sweet potatoes.

salmon mahi arugula lunch

Lunch was some leftovers – some arugula, mahi mahi, salmon, coconut oil and black lava sea salt.

This really cleaned out the fridge. Off to the store we went to restock the refrigerator. And to prep food for the week!

raw smores cheesecake

Late afternoon snack – this baby – another recipe that will be in our next e-cookbook ;) (promise it will be worth the wait)

grass fed beef avocado for dinner Dinner was spinach, full avocado, some coconut oil, and local grass-fed ground beef. Topped with sea salt.  Delicious. We just love the flavor of local grass-fed beef, simply the best.

And ended our night with just our typical gelatin mush with vitamin D, l-glutamine and vitex. And some magnesium. Those are still our typical night time supplements.  Oh we forgot to mention a few days ago but Lori got her period again! So definitely think the major breakout last week that Lori had was due to hormones and getting period. Which is good as it looks like she is getting her period almost every month… well these past 2 months anyways. But still struggling with hormonal breakouts so not healed yet.  I, Michelle, am still trying to get my period back. I feel I am getting close as I got a few hormonal acne too last week. But no period. Guess my body needs a little bit more time.

We will be back later.


plantain pizzas

workout love

purelytwins shout outs


You all rock!!! Love seeing all the plantain bread love…plank love and so much more! You all make us SMILE :)

Keep being amazing.

Be back later with a new FUN workout.

Enjoy your Monday!

Twins question: Have you played ping pong before? Are you good at it? What would you like better sweet potato bread or plantain bread? What has made you smile recently?

till next time,







  1. Kat says

    Yay for periods!!! That’s awesome to get it in row like that, sounds like Michelle is almost there too. Sorry for the creepy comment but yay for proper hormone function!! Congrats on the new program too, it looks like a winner…

  2. Marin says

    Have your plantain and peach flatbread in the oven right now! So excited to try it with some avocado! Question though…how do you prepare the sweet potatoes? Do you boil them in the skin, then peel them?

  3. Angie says

    Do you both always crave the same foods for all meals? I find that totally crazy! Have you ever had a time where your cravings were completely opposite? – I guess twins are super in sync

  4. DAG says

    One thought I had about periods. It’s possible that in addition to hormonal issues, your body needs more body fat to have consistent periods and healthy hormones. Have you thought about this?

  5. Cami says

    Would a food processor work? I only have a bullet and I don’t know if it is high powered enough. Thanks!

  6. says

    i am terrible at ping pong haha! that flatbread looks really good and my mom is on a special diet right now (lower fiber) and limited to eggs, fish, chicken and simple starches so this will be a fun way for her to enjoy her sweet potatoes! making me smile lately is my parents arrived to stay with me from south carolina yesterday! they will stay with us for the next 2-3wks to help us finish the house yay!
    The Delicate Place (@misathemeb) recently posted..across the webMy Profile

  7. Brittany Blankenship says

    This may sound silly, but do I need to boil the sweet potatoes first (for the flatbread)? I’m assuming so.

    I almost cried when I came across your blog. Our family of 5 (soon to be 6) has had to go on a grain free, nut free, bean free, soy free, fruit free, and nightshade free diet. Which basically leaves meats, dairy, eggs, and most vegetables.

    I was thinking I could use sweet potatoes for a bread and/or flour but had no idea how to do it. The prospect of a bread type food is so exciting! thank you so much!!!

      • Iva says

        Sorry about this, but in Bulgaria doesn’t have plantain. Sweet potato I can buy only from Internet so I want replace some of products who can buy from grocery. I’m sorry really but here it’s hard to make your recepie with everything products so I want replace these who I can’t find with something else. :) I really like your recepies. :)) Have a nice day girls! :))

  8. Rebecca says

    Sorry, I am a bit confused. You say to throw everything (sweet potatoes and plantains) into a blender. Most blenders (i.e. everything other than a vitamix) would not handle raw sweet potato very well.

    Would you recommend cooking the sweet potatoes first? If you DO mean to put the sweet potatoes in raw, should they be cubed first?

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