fig basil pancakes for one

Hello friends!

Thank you all so much for the sweet words on our newest online training program. We are so excited to start this fitness and health journey with so many of you. And if you missed our newest move-it-monday workout make sure to check it out; it’s perfect for those looking for a low impact full body workout. For those that asked – are we still going to be providing the free workout on our youtube channel? Yes, we will still do that.




walking with jax

Saturday we woke up early to get our workout in before heading to the farmers market. We did some sprints with Jax.

Sunday was a rest day for us.

toneitup yoga

Yesterday we did some beach yoga with Karena.

Just wish we were on the beach like her ;)



purely eats logo-01


Our weekend and yesterday’s highlights.

some highlights

Went to farmers market. Enjoyed some coffee time while doing work. Enjoyed making waffles.

protein waffles with figsMade our coconut flour protein waffles and enjoyed with figs.

food pictures

Enjoyed green juices, kombucha with a new recipe we are testing, and spilt another new recipe that we are testing.

protein shake with eggs figs

Enjoyed some eggs, figs along with perfect fit protein mush. Love.

fig pancakes for one

Sunday morning we enjoyed pancakes! Basil fig pancakes that serve one that is.

What we did for our basil fig single serving pancakes (grain, gluten, soy, and nut free):

  • 1.5 tbsp coconut flour
  • handful fresh figs
  • 2 eggs
  • handful fresh  basil
  • 1 tsp ghee

Blend in blender. Cook on stovetop.

Top with more figs and coconut oil. Enjoy.

fig basil pancakes

We love our pancake creations. And our beloved figs!
more blog highlightsMore food highlights: local grass-fed beef with eggs and parsnips, simple dinner of turkey burger and kale, and spiralized zucchini with avocado and homemade grass-fed brisket (meat from local farmer). So good!

figs eggs breakfast bowl

Love our breakfast bowls of eggs with figs.

close up of figs

avocado with brisketLast night we enjoyed more brisket with swiss chard and turnips.

food prep for husband

(Lori) Did some food prep for Gary for the week. Protein muffins, with lots of veggies, quinoa (that I soaked before cooking), chicken and potatoes (mix of sweet and russet). My food prep inspiration came from this amazing girl.

thin mint love

Several carob protein thin mints were consumed over the past few days. Love those cookies.

jax swimming at park

Jax had lots of play time this weekend. Went to the park again with some of his off leash dog training buddies to go swimming at the park. I always love seeing Jax swim. He loves the water.

Our weekend was great and yesterday was a busy day. Actually this whole week we are going to be busy. Good busy. Things are still going well for us over here… still struggling with eczema and Lori’s face still is breaking out. But our energy, our bowel movements, and emotions are doing good. We are thinking Lori’s face had to do with her hormones (PCOS) and her period, though she has not gotten her period her body is showing all the signs.  We are continuing to take each day one at a time and loving ourselves along the way no matter what. We are still going to play around with food and other things to see if we can find relief.



twitter shout outs purelytwins


Plantain love all over twitter :)


Thank you Healthygirlnw for the support! Enjoy the recipes!



 Twins questions: What was your highlight over the weekend or yesterday? Do you like making fun pancake creations?  Does your dog swim?

till next time,







  1. sara says

    The highlight of my weekend was spending some girl time outdoors with one of my best friends who is moving halfway across the country. We foraged for wild berries at a local park. Yummm :)

    I used to eat pancakes everyday, but I haven’t in awhile….might need to break in some of these new plantain pancake recipes I’ve been drooling over…

    • purelytwins says

      not sure haha, they don’t always look that great haha. we cook them in some ghee and at medium heat.

  2. Kimbell Sadler says

    Hey girls!

    Just wondering what benefits y’all are noticing from adding figs to your diet? Also is there a big difference if you eat dried figs vs. fresh figs? I”ve been eating Turkish Large Dried Figs for like an afternoon snack because I love the way they taste. And I”m just trying to find out if this is a good snack for me or if I should look into an alternative. Any insight on what y’all are learning about them would be great!

    Thanks so much! Kimbell

  3. amanda jewell says

    Yay I made it to the blog! Lol.. it’s the little things in life :-)

    LOVING all the FIGS!!

    That brisket looks really good; how did you prepare it? I’m thinking that might be a good meal to make as a thank you to the bf’s parents!

    • purelytwins says

      love ya girl!! xoxo
      we made the brisket in a slow cooker for about 6-8 hours. we did in a bone broth apple cider vinegar with a little molasses. usually they are in BBQ sauce but since we are avoiding so many foods and spices we kept it simple.

  4. says

    Looks like you had a great weekend! So excited for your new training program too! I was just wondering why you soak quinoa and how long do you soak it for? Lots of love Xx

    • purelytwins says

      soaking allows it to be more digestible, easier for the body to digest it. usually soak for a few hours – maybe overnight.

  5. says

    Highlight of the weekend was getting in some good workouts!
    These pancakes look great, actually the whole post made me drool.
    Last time I attempted pancakes with my coconut flour it was not the best experience. But I’m ready to try again! Thanks for sharing
    Rachel @ CHAARG recently posted..Ankle Weight WorkoutMy Profile

  6. DAG says

    Just wondering, do you both have PCOS or just laurie? What you have found to be the best ways to deal with it??

    • purelytwins says

      well Lori has been confirmed it, Michelle has not been confirmed but thinking she might have it as well. so far to help with it is eating balanced meals, reducing stress, taking vitex and playing around with carb intake. still learning and trying things out.

      • DAG says

        What about birth control pills? Or hormones to stimulate periods? All things I’m being told I need…

  7. says

    My goodness your eats look GOOOOOD! I really wish I could incorporate eggs right now, it would make things so much easier!

    My face has completely broken out again. It’s the worse it’s been for a long time. So I feel your pain Lori! I feel it’s largely due to the complete and utter stress I’ve been going through this past week. I hope things will get better soon for the both of us!

    Love you girls, sending big hugs!! xoxo
    Christa @ Edible Balance recently posted..What changes a community? My thoughts during the Calgary flood…My Profile

  8. Beth says

    I don’t know if I tolerate them or not. I can’t figure out what I tolerate as I am in pain every minute of every day.

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