one word – FIGS


Good Morning luvs!!

This little man wanted to say hello :)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on our healthy fats #Purelytalk post/video yesterday. If you missed it make sure you check it out. Also take a look at our new plantain recipe!

Yesterday was a DAY OFF from working out! We just love rest days! We worked really hard on Thursday with the new #purelyfitlife workout –>get excited it is a tough one.

Now onto the highlights of our day —FOOD!!

 green juice and breakfast pancakes and eggs

Both of us get so excited for our breakfast!

lori's breakfast eggs juice

Raw green juice (very green juice just cucumber, kale, mint, and romaine, ginger) with a side of eggs cooked in ghee topped with coconut oil and grain-free plantain pancakes.  We plan to practice one more time our egg-free recipe after making 5 different ones so far.

We only want the best for you guys ;)

burger raw zucchini pancake lunch

loris lunch

Lunch was raw spiralized zucchini, grass-fed local burger, homemade sauerkraut, black sea salt, MORE pancakes, and Lori had a 1/2 avocado as Michelle just loaded up on coconut oil. Remember we discussed why no avocado for Michelle here.


We love pancakes…anyone else??


ONE word – FIGS!!

Enough said, haha   Michelle was lucky to have already enjoyed some figs this season while working in Orlando a few weeks ago.

We quickly ran up to wholefoods to get some things and the first thing we saw when we walked in was our beloved FIGS!! You all know we are fig obsessed! So this just made our day after having some technology issues yesterday.


After doing some work –we are so excited about a new program we our going to be launching in July!! More details soon — it was time for dinner!

michelle's dinner

Raw sunflower sprouts with salmon, cooked mixed greens, 1 egg, and coconut oil.

dessert yogurt

Dessert was sheep yogurt mixed with coconut oil and 1 tbsp husk.  So good, despite that the coconut oil gets a little chunky haha

Told you guys we love our healthy fats! This day was full of them…high fat day for us.  And we both felt amazing.



best blog comment

And a HUGE thank you to Anna for leaving a very sweet comment on our Disney Vacation post.

This is one main goal of ours –> to help show others to have fun, live your life, honor your body, experiment, don’t follow rules, be purely you, and have no regrets!!

Thank you Anna and thank you to all of our readers. We cannot say thank you enough, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

recipe inspiration from purelytwins

Love that you guys have been inspired to try new things with your meals!

mmm we need to make our raw coconut lime cream cakes. it has been awhile — perfect summer treat.

Thank you Caitlin and Audrey for the sweet words and support. xoxo

english muffin perfect fit recipes

YAY for perfect fit english muffin love!! so good




  1. Angie says

    I got super lucky with a quick check to see if there was a new post as i headed out the door!
    Your recent posts and purely talk videos have been awesome! Also I finally tried plantain bread, plantains were always a fear food of mine because of the higher carb content, but you ladies defiantly helped me overcome this fear and the bread was awesome!
    Thanks for all your inspiration

    • purelytwins says

      we will! so far the scoby is doing well -made our batch last night :)
      and yes how awesome would that be if we lived closer!!!

  2. says

    Super excited for figs! I haven’t been eating fruit, just a tiny bit here and there, but I may make an exception for those delicous treats :)
    I just got a tweet from my local farmer’s market that they just got some fresh ones in!
    Yay for Healthy Bites! Once I get a few things figured out, I can’t wait to order more… love that girl :)
    hugs to you both!
    Christa @ Edible Balance recently posted..Finding sacred in the ordinary… and Edible Balance’s one-year blogiversary!My Profile

  3. Sarah says

    Completely agree with Anna’s comment, you are both so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your journey with us along with delicious recipes and great workouts :)

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