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We are so sad to see our inspiration birthday series come to end. One reason being that we can longer say “it is our birthday we can do what we want” haha not that we have been saying that or anything ;)  We hope you guys enjoyed our mini life inspirational series as much as we did sharing it with you.  We have some pretty amazing blog friends!


Girl chats are the best, right? Where you can talk about anything, laugh, and just be you without trying to impress. We are lucky to have many friends where we can just be us, and today’s post is from one of them. Teri is a dear friend, which we are lucky to live somewhat near her and get together when our busy schedules allow it!


Happy Birthday Lori & Michelle! I’m so excited to participate in your life lessons series…what a cool idea.

One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is “You Never Know.” The past couple of years have been a bit of a doozy for me personally. Things have been h-a-r-d. Luckily I’ve had supportive family and great friends (like Lori and Michelle!) to get me through some rough spots.

But through the experience, I learned that you just never know what someone is going through and they might need delicate handling. You don’t know if they’ve recently lost a loved one, lost their job, lost their spouse, lost their self-esteem. You just never know what life crisis they may be experiening. So I’ve tried to be a little kinder, be a little more understanding when I get frustrated with friends or coworkers or complete strangers.

Be kind. Don’t be quick to pass judgment. Don’t expect explanations. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Because you just never know.



Thank you Teri as you hit it on the spot.  You can follow Teri over on her blog, twitter, and instagram – afoodiestaysfit.

We TOTALLY agree with Teri’s wise words. You really never know what another person is going through! We all need to be a little kinder to everyone. With the internet these days there are a ton of ways for people to get mixed messages and all, so we all owe it to ourselves to be kind to others as well as to ourselves!

We would like to share a quote we pinned that we feel is appropriate:

be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle


Twins question: What do you think… do you think the world these days is too judgmental? To quick to make assumptions?

till next time,




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