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We are down to our last two birthday inspiration life posts for you guys! It is still crazy to think we are a year older and hopefully getting wiser.

Our good friend Lindsay discusses an important topic. We always learn so much from her – we learn more to be patient, but do crazy things…push yourself, yet respect yourself.  And most importantly have FAITH.


I’m thrilled to be here today, celebrating LIFE with Lori and Michelle. These two women are so special to me and I am excited for them to embrace the big 30!! Heck, I am right there with them. I’ll be 30 in 2 months! EEK!

twins cotter crunch

But turning 30 is a good thing. In fact, it’s JOYOUS Your 20’s are where you go through a whole lotta trial and error and end up worrying WAY too much about silly things. Well, at least I did. You see, ever since I was a teenage girl, my dad would tell me “Linz, don’t sweat the small stuff.” For some reason those words stuck with me but I didn’t start to understand what he meant by “small stuff” until I was married. Ha, better late than never, right?


But it truly is the small stuff that holds us back, the small things that feed into worry/fear/self-doubt. These things tend  to add up if you don’t learn to LET GO and LET GOD direct you path.


Money, health, career.. .. these are all important things, but they are also small things that sometimes we have NO CONTROL OVER.

LOVE, LAUGHTER, LIFE, WELLNESS, and DREAMS. Yes, those are good replacements.

So we might not be able to control the so called “small stuff,” but we can learn how to react to them. It’s the thought whole perspective thing.

Is money worth arguing over? Are injuries worth ruining your future health? Is a miserable job worth the security? Hmm.. I believer we need to LET GO and…

Dream Big

start and finsih

healthy bites

Love Often and Laugh A LOT

laugh alot

Be WELL. Spiritually, mentality, physically (inner being, not outer), and emotionally.


Live the LIFE you were created for.


cotter family

That’s the BIG STUFF, the stuff that makes the small stuff seem well… SMALL.

Cheers to Lori and Michelle! The life they have followed and the LOVE they bring to others! Happy 30th.

Lindsay Cotter


cotter crunch

Thank you Lindsay for sharing these words of wisdom. You can follow Lindsay on her blog, twitter, and instagram – lccotter. And she also has a bakery, which we have sampled. So if you are looking for healthy treats check out Healthy Bites. They are delicious and made with love!!

Not sweating the small stuff…oh boy do struggle with that.  Although ever since turning 30 we have been a lot better at truly letting go…be happy in the moment, worry-less, laugh more, and just be purely us!  Live life to the fullest in every moment and forget about the things we cannot control! And having faith that everything happens for a reason and that everything will be okay!

Twins Question: Do you struggle with not worrying over the small stuff? How do you focus on the small important things?

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    This is a beautiful post! Lindsay’s advice always resonates with me—it’s not only thought-provoking, but it touches my soul. I’m definitely prone to sweating the small stuff, and letting little worries hold me back from pursuing my dreams. I tend to over-think things instead of listening to my heart. As I’ve grown older, I’ve grown spiritually and emotionally stronger, though, and I believe that I’ll continue down that path. :)

    Happy 30th, you two! I’m so excited to meet you this weekend! <3
    Sara @ Nourish and Flourish recently posted..The Man at Mother’s Day BrunchMy Profile

  2. says

    Love this. Lindsay is always full of such positive energy and wisdom!
    Such a great post!
    Sometimes, I allow those small things to add up and get super overwhelmed but I’ve become better of being aware of those moments and changing them for the better.
    Happy belated 30th once again:) Hope you two are really enjoying your birthday month! :)
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

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