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Hello friends!
Thank you for all the sweet words about our sister and the whole Boston tragedy. It is still hard for us to believe something like that happened. We love how the blogging community has really shown support for everyone involved by dedicating posts and wearing Boston/Running inspired shirts today! 

In the midst of sadness it is time to re-focus on finding happiness and inspiration. Focus back on the present moment and being thankful each day. To be inspired from friends, family, and everyone around us.

And today we are starting our life inspiration guest posts in honor of our milestone birthday month.  To us, inspiration occurs when we begin to seek a deeper meaning about the choices we make and discovering ourselves on a different level. Finding that inner spark that ignites us to learn, grow, and connect more.

We hope this mini series helps inspires you in some way to be happy and cheerful all the time.  Find inspiration everyday.

We are so grateful for our dear friend Lauren to start it off with a great message that we think we can all relate to. We love Lauren in how she is always showing compassion and selflessness. We admire and look up to Lauren . And we are so thankful for finding her blog a few years ago!



Happy birthday, Lori and Michelle! Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this special event!

I’m sure that most would think that at 29 years old, I wouldn’t have many “life lessons” to share, but I’ve had plenty of experiences that I’ve learned from, and my favorite new phrase is “never say never”. Twice in my life I’ve been shown in a harsh way that saying “never” backfires. First, in my early 20’s I would always say that medication is NEVER necessary. I would see commercials for medications and say to myself “why can’t people just use food or homeopathic medicine to heal themselves.” I was so naive. A few years later this was proven to me when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and the only thing that could keep me alive was medication. I am striving to be off of medication, but without it at times, I would of been hospitalized or facing a lot of surgery.

You would think I learned my lesson then… I had another time that I was saying “never” to something. When I was pregnant with my now two year old, I kept telling my doctor and family that nothing would make me have a cesarean. My doctor even joked with me because every time
I saw him, I told him that I’d never have a csection! Well, when I went into labor, my daughters heart rate dropped very fast because she was laying on her cord, and an emergency csection was a must! And I thank God for that!!

I’ve very much learned to “never say never!” These negative experiences have brought so much positivity into my life and I am a better person because of them!

lauren and baby A

Lauren Nastasi lives in nj with her two year old daughter, husband and two pugs. She blogs about her healing journey at


Thank you again Lauren!! Never say never is something we are learning as well. Such a simple thing yet we do find ourselves saying never.  Make sure to check out Lauren’s blog as she shares her life journey of living a wonderful life and that by having Crohn’s disease does not stop her!  You can find and follow Lauren on twitter, facebook, and instagram – @laurenginger.

Twins questions: Do you catch yourself saying NEVER?  How do you stop yourself from saying Never?

till next time,




  1. Jacquelyn Moll says

    I’ve had so many of the same “nevers” having eosinophilic colitis, and two high risk pregnancies, ending in c-sections (but suffering through long labors to please let me try!!!). My latest never is “never sending my kids to full time programs or schools at an early age.” I stay home, but my son has regression, learning problems, on and on, and has been accepted into a fabulous school, specific for children like him, so there is my latest fantastic never.

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