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Yesterday we both struggled with getting out of bed. Hit the snooze button a few times, but finally texted each other making sure the other one was up. Good thing about being twins is daily motivation to get moving. 

purely fit life workout

We did our 100 burpee challenge #purelyfitlife workout.  And we must say we both were proud we did it!

This workout might not have been as pretty as in our video, but we got it done.



Lori’s day:


Green juice to start my day.


Did some work on the computer while I snacked on a banana with some coffee.


Later enjoyed a plate of arugula, 3 eggs and brussel sprouts.


Late afternoon as I was sipping on some matcha green tea I made myself a hemp protein cocoa egg muffin topped with ghee. (what I did: 1 egg, 3 tbsp hemp protein, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 10 drops stevia, 1/2 tbsp ghee)


Dinner was a plate of lettuce topped with sautéed yellow summer squash and mushrooms, little sauerkraut, buffalo burger and half avocado. Oh yay -so delicious. 

Michelle’s Wednesday recap:

green juice

I am just loving my big green juices! I am juicing the same thing every morning and getting around 16 -18 oz juice.


Snacked on a banana with my coffee while I worked.


Next up enjoyed eggs with brussel sprouts and mixed greens topped with ghee and runny egg yolk!


Hearing that Lori was making up beef liver meatballs, I decided I will make mine too. And enjoyed one meatball too when it came out of the oven. Lori and I have talked about trying to eat liver a different way, but just cannot do it.  Lisa inspires us though to try it raw one day.



Afternoon snack was matcha green tea with a hemp protein muffin with ghee on top.



Dinner was cooked zucchini , yellow squash and mushrooms with avocado, sauerkraut, and grass-fed burger topped with coconut oil.


Now for something FUN!

black tank from albion fit

You all know we love working out. And we love getting new workout related things to try – especially stylish workout clothes ;)

Well the lovely Kate from Albion Fit contacted us awhile back to review an item from their store. We were so excited for the offer and quickly started browsing their site. They have so much CUTE women’s fitness clothing that it was really hard to pick what to try. Albion Fit has workout tanks to swimsuits to tennis outfits and more.

We picked the classic racerback tank since the hotter months are fast approaching.

albion fit clothing Albion Fit was kind enough to send us each one to wear!! THANK YOU!

We love everything that Albion Fit stands for –

Albion Fit mission

We love supporting other small women run businesses!!

Albion Fit Red Fitness tank

The racerback tank fit us perfectly!!

Love the feminine design and feel to the shirt.

albion fit tank

Look at the cute design and cut of the tank. Don’t you want one??

Well you are in luck as Albion Fit is letting one of our readers win a chance to get the same tank we have for FREE.

Yep GIVEAWAY time!

Giveaway Entry Rules –  Giveaway starts today and ends this Saturday (April 13) at midnight EST. We will announce the winner on Sunday April 14.

1 – Check out albionfit.com and PIN one of your favorite workout clothing and leave a comment here below giving the link to that specific pin

2- Tweet – “I want to win @albionfit giveaway from @purelytwins #fitgear #fitfluential”
Click here to tweet

Bonus (but not required) – “Like” Albion Fit’s facebook page

And while there make sure you check out our page too :)

Share this with your girlfriends so you all have a chance to look cute working out!


  1. Michelle D says

    I love the Orange Love Racer, The Purple Long Sleeve Crew and the Full Zip Jacket! All their Clothes is super cute!! I also tweeted and I already follow you girls on twitter, Instagram, Facebook snd Pinterest :D. I have to try your Burpee workout, I love to hate burpees!!

  2. says

    Mmmmmmmm liver meat balls! Guess who just got back from the market with liver????? ;) I DID :D I will be making your meat balls for sure :D YAY! FINALLY! I seriously love liver, so am very intrigued by Lisa eating it raw! I love panfrying it with lots of onions, too :) OH GOODNESS <3
    Meg @ A Dash of Meg recently posted..Papaya for BreakfastMy Profile

  3. Jacquelyn Moll says


    I also did a tweet :)

    Love the clothes and the swimsuits!!! I’m so tiny I have a reallllly hard time finding clothes to wear just shopping around town. My poor chest is so tiny it doesn’t hold up anything! So maybe I can save up for two of these for lady support. Lol. Love the racerback style. Love the recipes, I have a rare form of colitis that keeps me from eating so many foods, so enjoy your posts! Keep up the work ladies!

  4. Beth says

    Have u tried chicken liver? It’s a much better taste and texture than beef liver, which I can’t tolerate. It’s super simple to make… Just heat it on a pan with some water (sorta like poaching it) it only takes a short time to cook. It sorta melts in ur mouth.

    When u make the muffins, are u using just one serving of protein powder? I as bc i use either sun warrior rice pro or omega pumpkin pro (usually a mix of them both) and they are measured by grams. Like one serving of sunwarrior is 21g. So, can u tell me how many grams u use for the recipe, so that I have the measurement correct? Thanks a bunch

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