new things we got to try out


Taking Vitamin D again (as we know our levels are low) plus getting in more magnesium. Hopefully this time we do a better job of taking our vita-D.

We decided we wanted to take maca again, it has been many many months.   We are taking maca again to help with hormones and stress. We are not new to maca so we are well aware of all the health benefits of it, so we are excited to try it again to see how our bodies do.

And thanks to a reader we are trying out slippery elm for constipation and seeing if it helps with healing our guts more. We are not really sure how we are going to take it just yet.


Received Amber’s new raw dessert cookbook for us to review, check out our review of Amber’s first cookbookAmber is so talented and we are excited to check out her new book!


A new yoga dvd we bought to try out!

We are both trying our best to find our yoga rhythm and hopefully by having a collection of dvds will help us. As we love Tara Stiles but excited to try this new dvd out.


Also got some matcha green tea that we are excited to have in our daily diet. We are trying to become more ‘tea’ drinkers and know that green tea, especially matcha green tea is so beneficial.  Hopefully we can find a way to drink it and stick to it ;)

Twins Question: Anything new you are trying out? Anyone try slippery elm for constipation?

Any matcha green tea fans out there? If so how do you like your matcha green tea?

till next time,




  1. says

    I’ve been enjoying matcha in my chia breakfast pudding all week! Love!

    I’ve heard good things about slippery elm, it’s worth a shot. Think I may add that along with more probiotics. I’ve been taking a break from maca the last little while, I was getting really tired of the taste. It may make a comeback soon :)

    My naturopath has given me a good dosage of zinc to help with my skin, and withania as well to help with fatigue in the body and mind. Adrenal function is an issue we’re looking at. It hasn’t been long enough to see clear results, so we’ll see in the next month or so.
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  2. zosia says

    hey ladies.

    i just watched a clip of the Travis Eliot dvd on the Internet and it looks great. after you’ve done it – would you mind giving your opinion on it?

    in terms of magnesium for constipation…i am doing the bowel tolerance protocol right now (using magnesium glycinate – along with magensium citrate – these are the two forms of magnesium best absorbed by the body (apart from magnesium oil, which is apparently the best absorbed)) and i really like it, because it will tell you more or less the dose you should be taking (you work up to a dose high enough that causes loose stools, and then you back down (i believe) 25% and that is your daily recommended dose.

    i cannot seem to find the protocol online, but your health food store might have it.

    also – do you still take Code Liver Oil? It is a whole food source of Vitamin A and D…and because it is in a fat (oil) it will be much better assimilated than if it is isolated. Vitamin D is, after all, a fat-soluble vitamin.

    all the best on your continuing healing journey!

    • purelytwins says

      thank you Zosia those are the two forms of magnesium we take and love, as well as the oil ;)
      yes we still take cod liver oil about every other day and still enjoy it!

  3. says

    Oh! So excited for you both to try the Matcha tea, that’s my absolute favorite brand. It helps to use a bamboo whisk to get a nice froth to it, add a little stevia and you’re good to go (add a little coconut milk for a latte). Enjoy!

  4. says

    I LOVE Matcha Green Tea! ♥

    Here is my most favorite way to enjoy it:

    1 cup fresh almond milk
    1 handful baby spinach
    1 teaspoon sweetener (honey, coconut nectar, etc)
    1 teaspoon matcha powder

    Blend. Pour over ice. Enjoy

      • carrie says

        Christa how do you use the triphala? I just bought some and made a tea, but its sooo bitter! Any suggestions? (thanks – sorry to crash in here :)

  5. amanda says

    Hey lovelies,

    I know I had recommended the Slippery Elm to you gals. Take 1 tsp in some water in the morning before breakfast and then after dinner in the evening, another 1 tsp with water. That in combination with at least 2 TBSP of soaked chia a day, and your BMs’ will be perfect. The key component with these two additions is water, water, water! Seriously, it helps move the “bulk” through the intestines, and well out, hehe. I really think lots of water, Slippery Elm, chia, simple eats, green juice, fruits on an empty stomach or earlier in the day, and limiting/reducing treats and you should be good ta go – pun intended, lol. Also, I really like fruits like berries and apples. They are often lower in sugars and not starchy. Naners make me bloated and constipated — though I love ‘em. Good luck pretties!!! xxx

  6. amanda j says

    mmmmm, I’m addicted to maca powder! I actually love the taste, kinda malty-ish – so yum in a smoothie. I’m also very curious about slippery elm for digestion woes (you know who are you are, mister constipation), but I actually haven’t tried it (not really sure the best way to “take” it – with food, on an empty tummy, etc.), so I’ll be curious to see what you ladies figure out with that one. on the hormones front, I’m going to give vitex a try and see if that helps balance out things. Good luck, ladies! I love reading all of your updates – all of us out-of-balance gals are sort of in this together! hugs :)

  7. Marie says

    Just got my package from, full of goodies for the gut..

    Was inspired from your supplements since I can’t get it in Denmark, so ordered the same as you girls!
    – Licorice (DGL)
    L-Glutamine for building more muscles and get my protein intake up as I can’t eat meat..

    Also got the natural calm, which I’ve been using for a year… So good for the bowel movements!

    AND then I just had to try the PB2- powdered fat reduced peanut powder…. Read a lot about it on twitter and I must say, OMG – it’s dangerous shit! Tasts SOOOO delicious, I actually ended up eating almost one jar in one setting.. So stupid since I now only have one jar left …. Doh! But I did enjoy every bite :P

    Have you girls tried it or head anything about it? :)

    Where do you get the matcha tea from, can I get it online?

    Loooove your purelyfit-videos, keep going girls <3 AND the English protein muffins as well, having one every single day :D

    Love, Marie xoxo

  8. Meg says

    I find that when I’m taking my magnesium ( I also alternate the forms I take) on a daily basis for weeks on end I get really bloated. It’s almost like my bowel hits a critical threshold and then becomes irritated by it. Perhaps you just need to give it a rest for a while. When this happens I take some slippery elm and marshmallow root to help soothe the GI system.

    What’s going on hormonally for you two? I’m on a hormonal healing journey too (from 6 yrs of hypothamatic amenorrhea ) and would love to hear your story if you feel like it is something you can share.

  9. Vikki says

    I too was using maca for hormones and stress and believed it helped. But the taste of it….YUCK! Can’t wait to see what you mix it in with :)

  10. says

    I love Matcha Tea!!! Especially the one from Teavana.When it comes to Matcha Tea the quality is extremely important,it truly makes all the difference.Teavana is the only store I’ve found that sells Imperial grade.I usually prepare it following the simple instructions for matcha tea.I also have the bamboo whisk and the results are impressive.I have some Culinary grade Matcha for baking which I order online :)
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  11. says

    Let us know how the matcha tea does. I had to give up tea because some testing showed high sensitivity to it. I hope to be able to bring it back into my diet in some capacity.
    As far as new supplements go, I’ve been taking probiotics and cat’s claw to help with my own gut inflammation. Those, combined with eliminating the foods that showed sensitivities in testing, have really helped me to feel better. I didn’t know I felt bad until I started feeling better!
    The only thing I’ve brought back into my diet so far is almonds. I’ve had them twice this week with no real effects, so I will keep trying them a few times a week and see how I do.
    Also, my stress level is high, so I’m interested in the maca!
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  12. Manda says

    I love Travis Elliot yoga I completed his Ultimate Yogi series and it was the best I felt in ages! I slept better and was way more calm and centered in my day to day life I would totally recommend his workouts!

  13. Liz says

    Slippery Elm seems to be more effective in powdered form than in a tincture where it’s mucilaginous properties are mostly lost. I’d look into buying it powdered, mixing it with liquid and consuming it like that. That way, it really coats your insides. I’m not sure a tincture is going to do much for you. . .

    • Liz says

      I mean, in capsule form, NOT tincture!! Sorry. I was looking at the D bottle. :)

      That being said, I still believe a straight powdered form would work better, BUT, it’s more palatable in a capsule. Slightly less effective, but you may see some results.

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