purely fit life workout #4 – full body plank workout


Happy Move-it-Monday friends!

Today we have another purely fit life workout. It is workout #4!


Since you already know how much we love our planks and have done a few different #plankworkout routines before. This time we did the plank workout a little different.


We created a full body time challenge workout circuit instead of doing a different exercise move every 30 seconds like our other plank workouts.

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This full body workout is made up of 4 different exercises that you will do in a circuit fashion. We want you to go through this workout 3 time through.  And if you do not have a sandbag, please feel free to use free weights or just your body weight.


We suggest if you are a beginner start with one round maybe 2 rounds. Work your way up to 3 rounds and maybe even 4 rounds and using weights for more challenge.

  • A-fits (advanced peeps) : use weights that challenge you and try to do 3-4 rounds
  • B-fits (beginner peeps): use little or no weights and try to do 1-2 rounds, working way up to 3-4 rounds.

Remember to push yourself to try to complete this workout as fast as you can and record your score to see in a few weeks if you can beat your time.

Here is the printable for the workout.


4-purelyfit-workoutplank (click for printable PDF)

Enjoy the new workout. Like we mentioned in the video this workout would be great to pair up with a quick interval cardio to really maximize the core.

Remember to use the hashtags #purelyfitlife #purelytwins so we can see you guys in action!

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Love the Fit Life.

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8 Responses to purely fit life workout #4 – full body plank workout

  1. Kim says:

    Awesome whole body workout! The only suggestion I would like to request is doing something about the echo in the empty room. It is hard to understand what you’re saying and if it wasn’t for the printed copy and photo’s we would probably have to replay it a few times to understand. Keep sharing your love, knowledge and motivating people of all sizes and ages – appreciate ya!!

  2. I definitely need to get back on track and be more consistent with workouts, and especially planks… this looks great girls!

  3. Miz says:

    I need this I need this.

  4. You guys are so fun!! And YES to PLANKS! Love ‘em. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for the Youtube vid example/explanation. My cre is definitely on my list of must strengthen (exercise) before marathon training begins in July!

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