making hemp protein english muffin avocado egg sandwich


Amen to that! Great quote!

We are so thankful for being ALIVE – to do the things we enjoy most! What about you?



Loving my live, love, lift tank and Raw Threads tights! Perfect for my new arm workout routine that I am working on for a Purely Fit Video.

So thankful for being able to wake up every morning and do what we love to do —> workout! 

workout it out

Love lifting weights! Both of us have no DEADLINE just looking to feel good everyday. Taking one day…one workout at a time. 


Lori’s recap:


Juice time!


My juice made about 16oz. So smooth and satisfying.

This kept me full and satisfied for awhile.


Love my juice.


Jax hanging out with me while I make my juice.

My watch dog in training :)


Bowl of 2 eggs, arugula, zucchini, parsnip fries and coconut oil. And topped with with hemp seeds!!! So good!


Later it was another recipe experiment.

Taking our vegan protein single serving English muffin recipe and making it with hemp protein. It turned out pretty good. I admit I prefer the Perfect Fit based protein one better.  But it is nice to have a grain-free option.


Topped my hemp protein english muffin with slices of avocado and an egg. YUM!


Dinner was ground grass-fed beff, mache lettuce, coconut oil, zucchini, and steamed cauliflower. Topped with dulse flakes and nutritional yeast. Another successful meal! I also took my pre-dinner pills. I also took one HCL with my lunch.

I felt great all day long. Success in the bathroom, did good on my water, and overall just felt great.

Michelle’s recap:

beet fresh juiceA big juice to start my day.

I did about 3 carrots, one beet, fennel, half lemon, fresh ginger, parsley, half cucumber, beet tops, romaine and kale.

egg brussel sprout bowl

Next meal was perfect – eggs over brussel sprouts and mixed greens topped with coconut oil and hemp seeds.

And my next meal was HEAVEN!

how to make grainfree egg avocado sandwich

Remember our sandwich that would change your life?

Well this one comes pretty close!!

I followed our vegan english muffin but used hemp protein powder to see if it would work like Lori did. And it did work, although I found it to be MUCH more delicate. Some how I was still able to toast it!

Then cooked up one egg and mashed an avocado on top to create one amazing sandwich!

avocado egg sandwich

Need I say more?

beef veggie dinner

Dinner was great too! A buffalo burger with cooked broccoli carrot zucchini slaw with dulse flakes and nutritional yeast all topped with coconut oil! So good!

Also enjoyed a few glasses of wine.  :)

gelatin carob mush copy

Ended my night with carob gelatin mush.

Overall a great day! Loved all my eats.

We are both very thankful for being able to eat delicious foods all day long. 


Other GREAT news:

Check out  Laury’s March Processed-Free Challenge!! A great reminder to eat real homemade food as much as you can.  Kind of crazy what companies put into food these days, and what gets away with on the labels!

CONGRATS to Elise and Kyle on the new baby boy!! So happy for you guys! xoxo

And congrats to Teri for getting 2nd overall in women and first in my age division in her race! Girl you are amazing!!


Did you grow up with eating english muffins? Do you like avocado with your eggs?  Do you like open-faced sandwiches? 

What are you most thankful for today?  

till next time,




  1. Kyra says

    Have u gals seen pumpkin seed protein powder? I wonder how this would work. What can be used as a replacement for arrowroot? I’d love to see a video on how to make the muffin (I’m very cooking inept lol)

    It’s awesome jow far u gals have come with ur eats and ur healing. U can tolerate so much now. Do u think these foods were ever a problem? Have u figured out what the culprits are?

    Lastly, what changes to ur supplements have u made?

    Oh, and any thoughts about hummus? Life is sad sans hummus lol

    Keep rockin!

    • purelytwins says

      Not sure how we would do with pumpkin seed protein. We will do a video of us making the muffin here soon :)
      Well we think we can tolerate these foods ;), we feel by us avoiding so many foods for so long really helped. We are still discussing on what foods we think were the issues, and it may just be that we needed that break and realize we need to have more variety in our diets or something. We are thinking chocolate may be a culprit and citrus with our itchy skin, and eating more simple meals has helped with digestion. We are still trying to pin point foods.
      We have made no changes to our supplements, still taking the same ones that we took on our heal the guy journey. Lori just added in K2.
      We miss hummus too, well we miss garbanzo beans. We think we can enjoy it from time to time, just not everyday.

  2. says

    I’m always loving the awesome combos you girls come up with. I’ve got to try the grain free hemp protein english muffins, since I have a ton of hemp protein at home!
    And I love the quote at the beginning:)

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